Date A Live: Volume 0 April 9[edit]. Front Cover Version 1. Front Cover Version 2 . DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 Template. They were done by Baka Tsuki back in the day. Side Stories: past the adfly nonsense to the. As you may all know, Baka Tsuki has been taken down for DAL. But for now, the translations have not stopped. If there’s enough demand, supply will seek to.

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Date A Live

Same personalities as the thousands of other harem “comedy” characters made by generic Japanese authors, you got the dumb big titted heroine, the tsundere pigtailed sister, the loli, the douchey arrogant and loathable villains and of course the dumbass, ignorant, I-trust-anyone-and-everyone butt-monkey that is the “protagonist” who believes the world’s many problems can be solved with “friendship POWA!!!!

If it’s the latter, please consider to fix them soon, both the project page and the PDF files, to prevent any possible confusion in the future. YenPress is swallowing more than they can chew and is making more and more mistakes with the translations.

But Shidou-san said to wait here for him. Oh right, I forgot Tohka means April 10th. Please pass these on to other fans. I never thought Tohka would come to a maid cafe.


Look at the exceptions table at the bottom dude There’s no problem as long as you two move separately right? She, what was she doing.? Unfortunately I’m not a Chinese dictionary, but this should be pointed out nonetheless. And I respect the fact that the translators are trying there best to translate it as fast as possible.

Their is no translation for chapter 3. I also know a channel that has the S1 directors cut. Just a fan passing on stuff to inform other fans.

Would anyone be opposed to me using Touka instead of Tohka? Fuuuuuuuuu Yea, after visiting [her?

Date A Live : Volume 0 Illustrations

A movie Date A Live: Sadly no Encore links and the ones i have are half done. The reason for that was simple. Sweat formed on Shidou’s brow as he covered his mouth, slowly walking down the path. Sorry to ask, but She is the disaster that will destroy humanity, a monster of unknown origin, and a being rejected by the world. What an emotional person. Recently, I’ve created a Facebook group dedicated to sharing the newest information on DAL, and sharing our own fan-made translations.

Date A Live : Volume 0 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

In practice, however, its meaning must be taken from the context. For AstralDress we had a discussion in the forums and livr “raiment” is a much less awkward term to use in the text. Well, if you all want me to go that badly, then I guess there’s no helping it! Anyway, I guess we’ll tsjki go with Touka then? Keep up the good work!!! But for now, the translations have not stopped. Dragon Magazine Fujimi Shobo.


She is a young girl who tied her long hair into two bunches with datd ribbons. I’ll get angry you know? After Yoshino respectfully lowered her head, the puppet that was worn on her left hand——[Yoshinon] opened its mouth and gave out a cheerful voice. Here is Volume 17 translated to english: Where on earth did you go to? All info regarding Date A Live can be found here: Just have one question for this part of the translation in chapter 2: Furthermore this one is definitely for females!

New Translation Group | Date A Live Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

One, this volume is currently on air on the anime, and, Two, it’s kinda confusing to continue to volume 5 without reading the volume 4 first.

I don’t like using Llive because first of all it’s very situational e. Read some manga today!

Taking a peep to his side. I am beginning a major cleanup project for the side stories because some of them are very jumbled.