She then tells Shalu that they will get the house and neither will Sagar marry Vidya! Raghav apologises to Shalu and says that even she will soon find a good groom. Vidya asks Uma to attend Raghavs last rites. Hema tells Kaushalya that Sagar is a madman! Just then, Cheenu comes to take Vidya away. Keeping his promise to Sindoora not to speak with Vidya, he only gestures to her and puts the anklets around her feet.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episodes Vidya stays back with Raghav although it is very late at night. Uma defiantly tells Sindoora that even after Raghavs death, only his word would hold good at home. When Raghav and Uma see Vidya at the temple later, they are thrilled that Vidya has agreed to marry Sagar. When Shalu is asked to give tea for Uma, Shalu accidentally spills it on Uma’s sari. Vidya hails from a poor family but her wedding is fixed with Sagar, who belongs to a rich family. She vows never to let her fathers wish to get home a daughter-in-law ever be fulfilled! Sinha that Sagar will not light his fathers funeral pyre because he is afraid of fire, so Dr.

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Vidya lies that everyone is treating her well and she is very happy. Vidya agrees but Chandra and Mahua warn her not to. Sindoora and her sisters are jubilant! When Uma is about to give Vidya fpisode traditional welcome, Sindoora warns her to stop because strangers were not welcomed. Kaushalya begs Sindoora to take Vidya with her dluhann she retorts that Vidya had destroyed her familys happiness, and was jinxed!

Sindoora takes Sagar in the car and when Vidya also heads towards it, Sindoora asserts that Vidya will not accompany them!


Things turn worse for Harsh when he tries to bribe him, so the cop slaps him. She puts a bottle of salt in it! Uma heads to the kitchen but Vidya whos hiding there manages to escape. Kartik tries to flirt with her but Cheenu arrives just then. Sindoora comes to the room just then epizode warns Uma that Sagar will do only what she tells him! They walk away angry.

Harsh then sees Vidyas earring fallen. Raghav and Uma visit Harish and they ask Hema to bring Shalu. Sindoora promises never to let anyone come close to him. The boy turns out to be Raghavs nephew Cheenu Manish Naggdev. Mahua, Chandra and Sindoora brag about the expensive gifts they give Vidya. Just then, she sees a truck approaching and seeks help from a boy who offers her a lift. Bxnoo, Cheenu and Sagar are happy.

Chandra says that Sagar can even give up his life for her. Hema suggests to her to mortgage the house, so Kaushalya agrees but asks Harish and her to keep it a secret from Vidya.

Sindoora walks away in a huff.

Episode #1.200

Sagar throws her out and tells Uma that Sindoora had mentioned that Vidya is wicked! He requests Vidya to meet his uncle just once, or Raghav would dulhannn with the guilt.

Harsh fights with the cop and demands that he also be allowed to go, so the cop orders his men to put him in jail for assaulting him! Raghav tells Vidya that he is happy to have got Sagar married to her before dying. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Season 1. During the ceremony, the priest asks for Sagars wife to be seated next to Sagar. Kaushalya phones Vidya and Sagar answers the phone.


Uma feels terrible at the way everyone mocks at Sagar.

On the other hand, Raghav is leaving with Uma when he dklhann her that he wants to see Sagar settle with a nice girl so that he will not remain in Sindooras clutches. Kaushalya also worries about Vidya not yet being married in spite of coming tsri age.

Vidya obliges, and Dr. However, on her way back, she is confronted by Harsh and his goons. Kartik sees Mahua join them later and realises her ploy.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Sindoora gets furious with him for slapping her because of a girl who was not even his daughter-in-law yet! Kartik goes away and when Vidya is cleaning the cupboard, a carton full of Sagars photographs epiode. On the other hand, Raghav regrets that Uma and he had not personally informed Vidya about Sagars condition.

The lecherous Kartik too wants to take a look, so Cheenu asks him to only look at the brides reflection in water! Just then, they see Vidya helping children with their lines in a mythological drama. However, Sagar declares that Vidya will not stay at home.

Sagar holds Vidyas hand and shouts to Mqin that he has caught the thief! Sindoora cautions Uma that her son, Sagar, will decide whether Vidya will stay home or not.

On the other hand, Sindoora tells her sisters that loneliness and neglect from their father had got the better of their mother and she had died.