Carapa procera DC. [family MELIACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource Type. Carapa parviflora; Carapa touloucouna; Carapa procera; Deinbollia albido- kermensina; Carapa guineensis; Carapa palustris; Zurloa splendens; Carapa. Carapa procera in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service.

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The name andiroba is from Nheengatu nhandi robmeaning “bitter oil”. Les plantes utiles du Gabon. Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. Phytotherapy Research 16 5: Paul Lechevalier, Paris, France.

West African Plants

For its restructuring of the epidermis, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. There are citation in web searches related to Carapa procera DC.

There is 1 item in your cart. Once pressed, the seeds of of Carapa procera produces a very characteristic oil, used for millenniums by African tribes for its numerous virtues. Citation in scholarly articles.

By aligning Science and Nature, all our formulas combine phyto-care wild Carapa procera plants on the other side of the world for unrivaled efficiency. Journal of Ethnopharmacology Useful trees and shrubs for Uganda: By using this porcera, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Volume 4, Families M—R. Views Read Edit View history. Carapa procera Carapa procera – Le fruit, The list of carspa within carrapa genus is still under discussion.

There are 15 news article citations related to Carapa procera DC. Click on “show more” to view them. This shall in return allow the tribe to continuously assure the delicate balance of a thousand year-old, unique biodiversitywith all its benefits.

Antiparasitic activities of medicinal plants used in Ivory Coast. Carapa procera Fruit and seeds of Carapa procera It is in fact a re-discovery since this organic oil, with its multiple therapeutic properties, was already in use in the time of the Pharaohs and the Queens of Africa.


Antiinflammatory effects of natural tetranortriterpenoids isolated from Carapa guianensis Aublet on zymosan-induced arthritis in mice.

Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. We are actually proud to be the first and only company in the world to have scientifically decoded the molecular specificity of Carapa procera and to have been able to preserve its active ingredients throughout the process of developing our skincares.

Moreover the Carapa procera is in danger of extinction, because unlike Carapa guianensis or grandiflora common speciesthe physico-chemical environment of Carapa procera directly affects its reproductive capacity and therapeutic qualities specific biochemicals. Citation in news articles.

Carapa procera – Wikispecies

Our initiative is to join in the conservation of the natural habitat of the Carapa procera, to avoid its destruction by deforestation and create an income substitution to the local populations, who previously obtained their funds from cutting down forests.

There are book citations related to Carapa procera DC. African Study Monographs 20 1: Many confuse Carapa procera with other species of common Carapa. Common names include andiroba and crabwood. There are citation in scholarly articles related to Carapa procera DC. Flore du Congo belge et du Ruanda-Urundi. We extract our oil from carefully selected fresh wild fruits, on the place of harvest itself, which allows the production of complete products, not degraded by chemicals or conditions and strictly on time transports.

Evaluation of the antimicrobial potential of medicinal plants from the Ivory Coast. Andiroba cara;a is extracted from light brown seeds collected from beaches and rivers, where they float after being shed by the trees or from the forest ground. The Carapa procera is a procefa of tree only found in the tropical preserved natural forest.


Many other references present the most common form known and studied: For the Italian wine grape variety also known as Carapa, see Bombino bianco. The morphological, chemical and molecular differences are listed under the portal of Carapa: Generally recognized species are:. Development of an HPLC method for the determination of tetranortriterpenoids in Carapa guianensis seed oil by experimental design.

Andiroba oil is one of the most commonly sold medicinal oils in the Amazon. It is very rare, its density does not exceed a few trees per hectare and is today limited within the world to some extremely remote regions of West Africa. This Meliaceae -related article is a stub. There are 3 Wikipedia citations related to Carapa procera DC.

Carapa procera soins naturels Found exclusively in our laboratories, the benefits of Carapa procera seed proccera are numerous and have been identified by ethno-pharmaceutical research.

Carapa guianensis produces oil similar [ clarification needed ] to neem oil. The organic oil of Carapa procera When the fruit reaches a ripe maturity a kind of big bugit then releases nuts on the ground that look like little chestnuts. Retrieved from ” https: The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with ‘species’ microformats Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June All stub articles.