: Chilappathikaram (Malayalam Edition) eBook: Elamkovadikal: Kindle Store. ചിലപ്പതികാരം | Chilappathikaram has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by DC Books, pages, Kindle Edition. This is a comparative study of Chilappathikaram and its. Malayalam Translation which is translated by Ramesan Nair. The aim ofthe research is an analysis.

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Kalinga Publications, – Tamil Nadu India – pages. The movie Poompuharpenned by M. Studies in the History of the Sangam Age. The Chikappathikaram Library Bulletin, Volumes Retrieved from ” https: Sivagnanam popularly known as Ma.

This also shows the power of women in those days. The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Ilango Adigal, the author of Silappatikaramprobably lived in this period chilappathimaram was one of the vast number of Jain and Buddhist authors in Tamil poetry. Silappatikaram also occupies much of the chilappathjkaram time in the 15th and 16th episodes of the television series Bharat Ek Khoj.

But Madhavi’s mother started to get money from Kannagi in the name of Kovalan’s request, without knowledge of both Kovalan and Madhavi.

It has 30 referred as monologues sung by any character in the story or by an outsider as his own monologue often quoting the dialogues he has known or witnessed. At the same time, the royal goldsmith had stolen a pearl anklet belonging to the queen, for which he frames Kovalan.

It introduces the intermingling of poetry with prose, a form not seen in previous Tamil works. The epic revolves around Kannagiwho having lost her husband to a miscarriage of justice at the court of the Pandyan Dynastywreaks her revenge on his kingdom.

University of CalcuttaCalcutta review, VolumeLondon: The loyal and astute Kannagi lost all the wealth given to them by their parents.

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It features an unusual praise of the Sun, the Moon, the river Kaveri and the city of Poompuhar at its beginning, the contemporary tradition being to praise a deity.

Silappatikaram – Wikipedia

University of California Press. The Music aspects of Silappadikaram, left unexplored by U. A History of Indian literature Vol. Adyar Library and Research Centre. Archived from the original on 11 April The novel having adapted the original plot and characters, it revolves around the ancient South Indian traditions, also trying to fill the gaps in the history using multiple narratives.

This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat Silappatikaram has many references to historical events and personalities, although it has not been accepted as a reliable source of history by many historians because of the inclusion of many exaggerated events and achievements to the ancient Tamil kings. Kovalan was also said to have had a daughter with Madhavi by the name of Manimegalai the lead character of another Tamil epic.

ചിലപ്പതികാരം | Chilappathikaram

Regarded as one of the great works of Tamil literature, the Silappathikaram is a poetic rendition with details of Tamil culture; its varied religions; its town plans and city types; the mingling of different people; and the arts of dance and music. Literary cultures in history: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kannagi was born in a very rich trader family under Nagarathar Community. Silappatikaram literally translated, “The story of the Anklet” depicts the life of Kannagia chaste woman who led a peaceful life with Kovalan in Puhar Poompuharthen the capital of Cholas.

Shivaprakash a leading poet and playwright in Kannada has also re-narrated a part from the epic namely Madurekanda. The Silappatikaram, apart from being the first known epic poem in Tamil, is also important for its literary innovations.


Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. At the end of the Sangam epoch second — third centuries CEthe Tamil country was in political confusion.

Some might also feel that she might have invoked the curse of “Goddess Agni” to destroy the palace. These new kings and others encouraged the religions of Buddhism and Jainism. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Silappatikaram. History of Tamil Literature. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism.

Silappatikaram does not use the convention of regarding the land divisions becoming part of description of life among various communities of hero and heroine. He also lays the objectives of the book There have been multiple movies based on the story of Silappathikaram and the most famous is the portrayal of Kannagi by actress Kannamba in the movie Kannagi. Apart from the story, it has great cultural value for its wealth of information on music and dance, both classical and folk.

Reluctant to go to their rich parents for help, the duo start resurrecting their life in Maduraithe capital of Pandyas. The most important aspect of the story is that even two thousand years ago the Tamils gave Justice to all, even the mighty King was not above law.

An Epic of South India. Even the very just king is reluctant to trust Kovalan, and has him beheaded for stealing the queen’s pearl anklet. A short History of Ceylon, London http: He immediately leaves Madhavi to rejoin Kannagi.