Read Bhoot Damar Tantra (Sanskrit Text With Hindi Translation) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. The Damar Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit work. It contains a detailed description of the system of therapeutics utilizing ‘Shivambu’, i.e.. Auto Urine Therapy, as. 15 Mar Damar Tantra Kaatyaayanee or Kaatyanee Tantra has been written around years ago in Sanskrit and has been translated in Hindi in.

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The center, sponsored by Government of India, is known for promoting language studies through computer applications. Por favor,activa el JavaScript! The course fee is minimal and instructor comments “You decide the fee you want to pay the instructor. Kaatyanee Tantra is also known as Kaatyaayanee Tantra. He who continues the practice for three years will live as long as the moon and the stars last. Start connecting again with your body, and with your health.

Kaatyanee Tantra

This page is created to consolidate various links related to Sanskrit. I got the rare Pt Raju’s book with a very speedy and positive service from Exotic India. This can revolutionalize language learning if tqntra many support the development. Thank Srinivasan family for making the book available for everyone’s use. Thursday, October 30, The word search for Word Ideas on the site leads to links to many Medical words with Sanskrit derivatives.


The skirts I ordered are absolutely beautiful!

Damar Tantra In Sanskrit – eBook and Manual Free download

Send as free online greeting card. If the practice is continued for three years, one conquers the element of Water, and if it is continued for four years, the element Light is also conquered. Various parts of the elusive Kaatyaayanee Tantra is scattered across many Shree Vidyaa works. The site is a “web resource on life and teachings of Shri Madhvacharya.

He who has continued the practice for twelve years will live so long as the moon and the stars last. Look Inside the Book. Browse around to read wealth of information. He is not troubled by dangerous animals such as snakes, and no poisons can kill him. Viewed times since 28th Feb, Drinking it for two months stimulates and energizes the senses.

This is a repeat link post given in September archive. Please support the Ramakrishna Mission by purchasing books and sponsoring the events.

It is a unique book. This book is full of puzzles, riddles and cross words in “poem form. The presentation is neat. It is said by some scholars not to have been published in English or Sanskrit.


Sabar Tantra Sabar Tantra is one of the very popular branch of many Tantra. Your selection of books is impressive and unique in USA. The painting is as beautiful as I whished!

Ten months of this practice makes one a veritable treasury of luster. I shall expound to you the recommended actions and rituals of Shivambu Kalpa that confers numerous benefits.

One acquires the strength of a thousand elephants, and lives as long as the moon and the stars continue to exist. You developed great confidence in me. His urine and feces will whiten gold.

Damar tantra in sanskrit pdf

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Kaatyaayanee or Kaatyanee Tantra has been written around years ago in Sanskrit and has been translated in Hindi in