It was created by Momina Duraid , and aired on Hum TV as part of a night programming all under Duraid’s production company. Retrieved 21 February Best Onscreen Couple – Popular. OST was recorded in January and was released in March Archived from the original on 9 April It was nice to see the lead pair’s banter. Retrieved 10 October There were several discussions laid on its time slot, previously it was announced that the show will air on Friday’s replacing Sadqay Tumhare , [11] and was also reported that the series will originally start its airing in April or May.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I Enjoyed the difficulty as I had also challenged myself. Zebunnisa Bangash and Momin Durani. The drama serial screenplay is also written by Ishtiaq. The cinematography and presentation was beautiful and it was nice to see the beauty of Pakistan, rather than the US or UK. In the novel, there were flashbacks here the story is very linear.

How one generation’s mistakes bring troubles to the next generation was also a big problem which my characters faced. The song along with production is produced by Momina Duraid under her production company M.

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As a result, Behroze died of her umbrage. It could have been written better which I tried to do in the script. Sanam Saeed who received appraisal for her famous role of Kashaf Murtaza in blockbuster series Zindagi Gulzar Datar [25] [26] [27] was offered the role of Ruhina [17] Mikaal Zulfiqar was selected to play the role of Behroze.

In April the shoot was packed for the final time while two episodes were already released. I wrote several drafts of this novel back in Hum Award for Best Drama Serial.

Dayar E Dil Episode 10 Full HUM TV Drama – 19 May 2015

He kidnapped Faarah to retain her inheritance to invest in his business, where Wali saved Faarah and gets wounded of gun shot. However, Ruhina opposed this decision and left Behroze in anger due to her brothers manipulation.


She came up to me once and said Farhat, it would be great if the story had this and this and I said, that is what I had written in the earlier drafts and we episide used those.

The soundtrack consists of two songs, one in Urdu language and the dayra in Persian language. Retrieved 1 August July 29, 20 August televised.

The drama serial screenplay is also written by Ishtiaq. Retrieved 7 April Retrieved 24 April W from the original on 11 April Behroze and Ruhi were insulted by Agha Jan when Behroze came back for apology, Agha Jan chose Suhaib and Arjumand over them, the two were banished forever, they left episod decided to start a new life in Lahore whereas Arjumand and Suhaib decided not to grow more close.

These values are deeply ingrained in our culture, something the writer never questions but reinforces with each turn. Faarah admits her love for Wali the day her contract was due, and the two reconciled removing all the misconceptions they had in their hearts and complete the valley of heart Diyar-e-Dil.

Dayar E Dil Episode 10 Full HUM TV Drama – 19 May – video dailymotion

The Valley of the Heart also known as Dayar-e-Dil [2] is a Pakistani television drama serialthat originally aired on the Hum TV from 17 March to 27 Octoberconsisting of a total of 33 episodes.

With all the hatred Wali says he has of Faara, you can see how completely he is in love with her. Both the couples faced different situations, with one in love and the other in depression.


Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 24 September List of Diyar-e-Dil characters. Best Drama Serial – Popular. List of Diyar-e-Dil episodes.

Retrieved 18 April Faarah told her mother she did not want her inheritance, and that it was added to her divorce agreements without her choice, in which Ruhi left the house in anger and her daughter alone. In the novel, there were flashbacks here the story is very linear.

She explained that Momina Duraid gave her a full freedom of writing, while writing she discuss the story-line with Epsode and with mutual ideas and aspects Farhat wrote the scripts and made changes in several drafts of screenplay. There are so many characters and each with their feelings that I had to do justice to the feelings of all the characters.

Archived from the original on 9 April Archived from the original on 18 November OST was recorded sil January and was released in March This serial is a must watch for any drama fan. Teasers were released in February along with the OST of serial. In their last scene together, you could see how the hurt in his eyes when Faara tells him off, again! Retrieved 28 May Director Haseeb Hassan has done a fabulous job of weaving this inter-generational story together combining beautiful cinematography and a fast paced, well-edited narrative to make a highly entertaining serial thus far.