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If some people do not believe in it, they may not, for “Allah is enough for a witness” over it.

English – Transliteration

Under conditions such as these nobody could see and suggest how the Divine inspiration could be acted upon. Imam Sufyan Thauri also in this case regards opening of the fire as lawful, but he says that although the Muslims will not pay the blood-money of the Muslims thus killed, it is obligatory for them to expiate the sin. This is their description in the Torah, 55 and in the Gospel they have been likened 56 to a crop which put out its shoot, then strengthened it, then swelled and then stood on its own stem, filling the sowers with delight and the disbelievers with jealousy of them.

These were the blessings that the Muslims gained from the peace treaty which they were looking upon as their defeat and the Quraish as their victory.

Muhammad and his men would go back that year and could come the following year for umrah and stay in Makkah for three days, provided that they brought only one sheathed sword each, and no other weapon of war. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. During his entire period of apostleship on no occasion had it ever happened that he should command his Companions to do a thing and they should not hasten to comply with it.

They sent Hulays bin Alqamah, the chief of the Ahabish, to the Holy Prophet to persuade him to go back. Allah restrained your hands from them and their hands from you.

After that the people would automatically do what you did and would understand that whatever decision had been taken would not be changed.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

This would not only have grieved the Muslims but faahna Arab polytheists also would have got an opportunity to say that the Muslims did not even spare their own brethren in faith during wartime. The Muslims numbered only and had come without any weapons, were encamping at the boundary fatajna Makkah, miles away from their own city, and the enemy could attack them in full strength, and could surround them with its allies from the adjoining tribes as well.


Just the previous year, in Shawwal A. Then, if at the time when at Hudaibiyah the disbelievers had stopped the Muslims from going any further, and when they had tried to provoke them by launching against them repeated sudden attacks, and when the rumor of Hadrat ‘Uthman’s martyrdom had spread, and when Abu Jandal had appeared on the scene as the very image of oppression and persecution, the Muslims had actually become provoked and broken the discipline that the Holy Prophet had instilled in them, the result would have been disastrous.

The Quraish therefore were caught in a dilemma, for if they attacked this caravan from Madinah and stopped it from entering Makkah, fatwhna would arouse a clamor of protest in the whole country, and all the Arab tribes would have the misgiving that the Quraish had monopolized the Ka’bah as exclusively their own, and every tribe would be involved in the mistrust that now it depended on the will of the Quraish to allow or not to allow anyone to perform hajj or umrah in the future and that they would stop any tribe with which they were angry from visiting the Ka’bah just as they had stopped the Madinese pilgrims.

It demanded that he should carry out whatever Command his Lord gave fearlessly and without any apprehension and doubt. The reason is that the Holy Prophet even after the revelation of this verse did not regard as outside Islam those people in respect of whom it was sent down, nor treated them like the disbelievers. Tell the desert Arabs who were left behind, “You shall soon be called upon to fight a mighty people.

English – Transliteration – Surah Al-Fath ( The Victory ) | القرآن الكريم للجميع

Apart from this, if some other quality of the Companions has been mentioned in the Torah, it is not found in the existing, corrupted Torah. The Holy Prophet had dispatched a man of the Bani Ka’b as a secret agent so that he may keep him fully informed of the intentions and movements of the Quraish. But according to the highest standards of perfection in the sight of Allah there had remained some such weakness in it because of which the Muslims could not attain a decisive victory so soon over the pagans of Arabia.

Afterwards Hadrat Umar continued to offer voluntary prayers and innna aims so that Allah may pardon his insolence that he had shown towards the Holy Prophet on that occasion.

Thus, it was all because of Allah’s bounty that on all these critical moments the Muslims were blessed with full peace of mind with regard to the leadership and guidance of the Holy Prophet, the truth of Islam and the truthfulness of their mission.


Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubina Rectangular Set Small

Had there been fighting and the Muslims had pushed back the disbelievers and entered Makkah, these Muslims also would have been killed in ignorance along with the disbelievers. The Holy Prophet admitted his argument and Abu Jandal was returned to his oppressors. The words are to the effect that all the people who are with him have this and this quality and characteristic.

Just three months after Hudaibiyah, Khaiber, the major stronghold of the Jews, was conquered and after it the Jewish settlements of Fadak, Wad-il Qura, Taima and Tabuk also fell to Islam one after the other. Later, when this caravan was returning to Madinah, feeling depressed and dejected at the truce of Hudaibiyah, this Surah came down at Dajnan or according to some others, at Kura’ al-Ghamimwhich told the Muslims that the treaty that they were regarding an their defeat, was indeed a great victory.

Every Arab tribe would have the option to join either side as its ally and enter the treaty.

In view of the critical occasion it was not an ordinary undertaking. Not only did he return but under Suhail bin ‘Amr from the Quraish also arrived a deputation to negotiate peace with the Holy Prophet. The word shahadat comprehends both these meanings.

The purpose of the Holy Prophet’s appointment as a Prophet was not merely to preach this Religion but to make it prevail over all others. To this the Holy Prophet replied that in his vision the year had not been specified.

iinna Their denial will not change the reality, but the Guidance and the true Faith which this Messenger has brought from Us, shall prevail over all religion, no matter how hard the deniers try to obstruct its progress.

In verse 26 also Allah has used the word mu ‘minin believers for all the Companions, has made mention of sending down His sakinat to there, and obliged them to be righteous and pious, for they were most worthy and deserving of all mankind.