Hajime gets into a fight with Tachibana at a party. Hajime and Miyuki get lost while skiing, fortunately they find a cottage in the snow. The seventh mystery was man-made, and one man is said to be the murderer. There was a case in the Shuo High School when Superintendent Akechi was still in his senior high school study. A Diet member’s son gets abducted. As he came out of the bathroom, three girls came and glanced at him because they thought he interrupted their processing ceremony. Apr 07, to Sep 11, Status: One of the prospectors living inside the village is killed when everybody finds him.

How will this situation happen in the next? On the run for being a suspected serial killer, Hajime heads to Karuizawa to find the person who can help him solve the next code. Toei Animation Date aired: Everybody has been kidnapped into numerous rooms on the 7th floor. One of the acrobats does not have an alibi. Shimatsu admits that his final motion is to take revenge of Harumi. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note:

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Hajime speculates the trick of the series of murder, and he tells everybody who is the “Scorpion”. Akechi goes there too, and he tells them an incident that was affiliated with fencing happened epixode years ago. The murder count rises with the discovery of another body.

Hajime and Miyuki head out to investigate when the photo of someone who supposedly died in the Hiren Lake incident shows up in a magazine. Upon arriving at the Renkin Island, they learn a terrible fact that there is an alchemist hiding somewhere in the mansion.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo – Episode 17 –

Spoilers – Do not post them! There is even a possibility that if the old school building has been demolished, a man called “After-School Magician” will begin to murder. Koutarou is found epizode, which surprises everybody.


They find a university group that also stay at here. The killer’s real profile gets exposed by Kindaichi.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV)

Hajime gains the proof he needs to solve the mystery. After the first murder victim, the castle turns into a giant prison by the hands of the killer, Mr. Itsuki brings Hajime episodee Miyuki to Amakusa in search of legendary treasure. Three culprits involved in a bullying case are released in recent days.

It has been reported that there were seven mysteries exist in the Fudo High School, re only six of them had been solved. Miyuki visits Kanazawa with Hajime to see her friend Reiko, whose family has made oni masks for generations.

Kindaichi and Mioki have been reminded a case about diving when they are drinking in the cafe. Comments containing just epidode with no text will usually be removed, unless they’re an answer to another comment.

The high school student Hajime Kindaichi is invited by the Mystery Research Team leader, Ruiko Sakuragi to help her have the seventh riddle solved. However, Kindaichi finds that one of them lies.

Ransom That Vanishes in Snow” Transcription: Harvard to have a conversation with the cure of a mysterious person. The climax of the case begins. Hajime and Saki go for help but also see a girl that has the likelihood of Miyuki, named Yang Ran, in the Kowloon Park.

When Akechi was preparing for the chess, another Japanese chess player was found dead in a lss. Hajime is invited to Tarot Villa by the pop star Reika Hayami. They are to find a key and are to do kinfaichi without acting like barbarians.

The unknown kidnapper instructs Hajime enqutes deliver the ransom money himself. Later, Tachibana is found dead with Hajime at his side holding a blood stained weapon.

The red-bearded murderer is still at large. The killer regretted for mistaking the diver and cried. The drama club members fear that the deaths are connected to a curse.

Sanada becomes the second victim of the “Scorpion”. Kindaichi solves the trick used by the murderer and he uses that trick to lure the killer out.


A student was found dead in the library and it was said he was killed after everybody left the school.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note: A fugitive escaped from the jail had encountered the luxurious ship that the idol singer, Reika Hayami is in, and he has attacked a fan of Reika in the toilet in order to exchange his profile.

Akechi has planned a detective game for Kindaichi. Kindaichi, Miyuki and Kenmochi arrive at the condemned opera house in the pouring rain and are met with a ominous announcement from its phantom. Hajime tries to snap out of the shock of what happened to Saki as he pushes on to solve the mystery. The seventh mystery was man-made, and one man is said to be the murderer.

The festival kicks off with heavy rain while a murder takes place. The Case of Fumi’s Kidnapping” Transcription: This site does not store any files on its server. Ran is discovered hurt and sent to hospital.

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More shocking scenes await the guests. Hajime and Miyuki go to an amusement park, but Miyuki carelessly makes a cup of coffee splashed onto a girl’s item, which leads to the latter’s anger.

A Diet member’s son gets abducted. Officer Lee implies that a bomb had been hidden somewhere in Hong Kong, so he and Kindaichi go to many lfs, including an abandoned hospital out of the urban in Tai Owhere the corpse of Liu Ivy, the fashion designer of the model show, is found.

However, a member of the team is found killed later. Kindaichi tries to find out the killer in the school.