Jan 6, Rating: Chris Weber Super Reviewer. His violent, pathetic end makes you sad not for the man but for a world in which such a creature could exist — and thrive. Goofs When Mesrine daughter was young, she had a dark complexion. Log in with Facebook. This is a convention of the genre–the bookending with a final showdown–but the way it’s expanded in the finale of Part Two shows both films’ fine sense of detail.

I understand why they split up the story into two parts, but honestly they could’ve just made the first part with this movie’s first 45min and had a masterpiece on their hands. No other actor could play that part any better. Le commissaire Broussard Georges Wilson But it’s the late Seventies, the time of the Aldo Moro kidnapping in Rome. La journaliste interview Alain Fromager This segment is told in flashback: Do the Oscars Need a Host?

Le commissaire Broussard Georges Wilson What do you expect from your life? It doesn’t have the source material to capture the same experience that the first part had; which was based on Jacques Mesrine’s own writing. Public Enemy 1 focuses on Jacques Mesrine on the run, and punlic pursued by the French authorities.

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May 26, Rating: The first is fun too, but the fun seems more evident here, mostly with the scenes of shopping, and of course the many scenes of armed robbery, kidnapping, and escapes. Jacques Dallier – journaliste pour Minute Alain Doutey Olivier Gourmet, among so many others, excels as Commissioner Broussard, watcg of the anti-Mesrine unit whose operatives are so terrified when the short, now overweight Mesrine walks by where they’re hiding.


Jan 16, Rating: As Part 2 begins, the now notorious gangster has made his way back to France. If there was once a discernible difference between his public and private life, it has disappeared now that he’s assumed arch-gangster status.

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Pierre, a young man in his thirties, grew up with his two brothers in a city in the suburbs of Paris. Part 1 remains marginally compelling, if for no other reason than that it sets the eenmy for the vastly superior Part 2. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Michel Duchaussoy as Mesrine’s Father. The two men rob the Deauville gambling casino’s coffers, posing as inspectors to get in.

View All Critic Reviews This is another exploit that doesn’t go as planned, but leads to a bold escape. Oct 20, Rating: Heck, since those last few things are the bulk of the story over deth, character, and onlien, they pretty much have to be fun, otherwise what’s the point? Use the HTML below.

This has a really interesting opening part, but then goes nowhere after he’s captured and finishes his autobiography. The only recent gangster film this one falls short of is “Killer Instinct,” the first half of the epic.


Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy 1 is a thrilling conclusion to Killer Instinct. Richet’s film shows us the ugly side of crime.

I don’t want to spend my entire life dreaming. Log in with Facebook. Goofs When Mesrine daughter was young, she had a dark complexion. The cast ae mostly new this time around, and they too are all pretty good, especially Mathieu Amalric. Cassel literally takes on volume, having put on 45 pounds for this part of the role.

The music remains good, as does the camera work, and, as I state,d the only real downer is that this entry seems a little less focused and really seems to make the statements of “What’s the point? The story of notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine. Sadly, this doesn’t have a storytelling ability that the first part did. Besse is uneasy about such bold maneuvers, but even more, questions Mesrine’s talking to ‘Paris-Match’ and claiming he’s a revolutionary.

Above all the film now has an overriding focus on Mesrine’s growing public identity, which he consciously shapes. Besse is a sharp contrast to the flamboyant Mesrine and thinks him foolish and mad, though like everyone else, he respects his courage and audacity.