Panth Parkash is the name of two well-known books on Sikh history. Panth Parkash of Rattan Panth Parkash is the only Sikh source of historical account of Banda Bahadur and the establishment of Sikh rule in the Punjab. It is termed Prachin. Prachin Panth Parkash-Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. www. Page 4. Page 5. okclub.

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The author started the work on this project in and completed it pynjabi The edited version contains footnotes to explain the discrepancies of the old printed editions and the textual material. The author traces the history of Sikh Gurus aprkash and explains the need for creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. Captain Murray, then stationed on the AngloSikh frontier at Ludhiana, had been charged with preparing a history of the Sikhs.

It was a high tide of Sikh power.

Panth Parkash

Banda Singh’s own victories were ascribed by Ratan Singh to the occult powers Guru Gobind Singh had bestowed upon him. Most of these conflicts ended in loot, plunder or conspiracies. Personal tools Panthh account Log in. This is considered to be an authentic source of Sikh history after the Guru period pertaining to the most crucial phase of the Sikh struggle during the eighteenth century.


Panth Parkash – Wikipedia

To court death they had now found an opportunity. He verbally traced for ;unjabi the origin of the faith of the Sikhs and their rise to sovereignty in the Punjab. The author has failed to mentioned the current affairs of Khalsa Raj established by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Give back to SikhNet.

It was a period when Mughal empire lost its vitality and the British East Indian Company advanced as a sovereign power to establish its rule over India.

SikhNet Discussion Forum Guidelines. This in fact is the paanth significant part of the work. The details and sequence of events here provided have been generally accepted in later Sikh historiography. They took to arms vowed to death. The author was persuaded by Captain Murray of the British army to compile the history of Sikh struggle leading to establishment of Khalsa Punjavi. Rattan Singh Bhangu had no training in historiography, and there were no written accounts available regarding Sikh History.

Bhangu gives a vivid picture of the baptised Sikhs, called Nihangs, who were soldiers of the Akal Purakh. Thus, a dialogue starts between Captain Murray and the author, who was persuaded to write an account of the Sikh struggle. Bhai Vir Singh added the word “Prachin” old or older to the title of the book paarkash distinguish it from the more recent Panth Prakdsh by Giani Gian Singh.

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He sought the help of a Persian scholar, Maulawl Bute Shah.

On the Baisakhi day ofSikhs were baptised into the Khalsa fold. Retrieved from ” http: However, the philosophical terminology used by him shows that he was also well conversant with the original Sanskrit texts.

Parkahs he narrated to Captain Murray during the day, Ratan Singh reduced to writing by night. The descripton of Guru Nanak’s life is relatively more detailed, but with the miraculous element predominating as in the Janam Sakhis.

Prachin Panth Prakash Steek Part 1

British officers were baffled to know the rise of Sikh empire in Punjab, and hence they were keen to explore the Sikh religion and culture. Balwant Pantg Dhillon, the Editor of the present volume has done an excellent job by comparing the old hand-written manuscript of Panth Parkash with printed edition of Bhai Veer Singh.

The role of cis-Satluj Sikh states to checkmate the progress of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and siding with the British does not find a mention. In simple verse, the poet captures the spirit of the Sikhs in punjai difficult times: Panth Parkash is an epic tale of Sikh struggle.