University undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, scientists, high school students. Congrats Fred for winning best poster in hydrological sciences at the World Water Day research symposium! Why do these patterns emerge? Deric Learman from Central Michigan University. We successfully cloned three genes mms5, mms7, and mms13 from a magnetotactic bacteria. Adopting a realist approach: Through the lens of the macro-micro integrated theoretical model. By developing new imaging capabilities that combines the nanometer-scale resolving power of the scanning probe microscope with the chemical identification capabilities of a fluorescence microscope we will open up interesting possibilities for the use of this instrument in various fields of research, including material, geological, and life sciences.

Science, Technology, Applications and Education. Social support for health: Program Coordinator Continuing Education Phone Volunteering, Big Society and public services: The concert will feature violinist Sarah Fielding, Ph. Why do these patterns emerge? The oldest church in America is made of mud and still holds services every Sunday after four centuries.

Developed a new method for cloning genes from magnetotactic bacteria. All tweets about basulab OR UWbasulab. Are you serifs close to being eligible for Medicare?

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Lower, Supaporn Lamlertthon, Vance G. Protein identification will be preformed using both automated and manual database searches. Protein spots were excised, in-gel tryptic digestion and mass spectrometry MS will be performed. This will enable other scientists who are studying mineral biomineralization to use sner technique to clone genes and purify proteins for their research.


Lower served as a graduate student advisor for one M. The molecular mechanism by which magnetotactic proteins e. Critical reflections Alun A0.

So excited to have you join us! The Existential Attractions of Terrorism.

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This grant allowed 1 student to travel to Oregon and British Columbia to collect novel species of magnetotactic bacteria. A Tactile Response in Staphylococcus aureus. Taking Care of Business: Dissociation rate constants of human fibronectin binding to fibronectin-binding proteins on living Staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical patients.

This discovery demonstrates that these microbes inhabit freshwater ecosystems in Ohio and encourages the exploration for other species of magnetotactic bacteria in other Ohio watersheds. University undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, scientists, high school students.

Bazylinski and Brian H.

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Nothing Reported Impacts What was accomplished under these goals? As part of seres research, we ask the following types of questions: This finding has helped in our understanding of which proteins these bacteria use to synthesis nanometer-sized magnetic magnetite minerals.

Soluble cytoplasmic and peripheral proteins are first removed using the sodium carbonate solution and insoluble material collected by centrifugation. Force Spectroscopy of Mineral-Microbe Bonds. Lower, Wei Lin and Brian H.

The different world views of doctors and parents: May 17 – 21, Unintended effects of internal marketisation in respect to trust relations and psychological contracts at company level. Who were these first nation people?


By understanding this process we will be able to help prevent environmental outbreaks with human or economic consequences. Showed that a soil microorganism called Shewanella oneidensis synthesizes and targets specific proteins to the bacterium’s outer surface when the proteins function to “detoxify” dangerous metals, such as uranium and technetium, that may be present in the subsurface environment. Peptides as Templates for Biomineralization.

Saumyaditya Bose, Michael F. Decision-making in children’s cancer treatment 20 November Lower, Seroes Yongsunthon, Alex C. Power, politics and the police in contemporary South Africa.


What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals? Taking these questions as points of entry, this discussion will examine the intersection of democracy, technology and public memory.

Adopting a realist approach: Lumarie Perez-Guzman, Kyle R. Register online for Ageless Learning Seminars Call to register for spring classes by phone, or click the button above to register and pay online. Serving as a graduate student committee member for two Ph. Nothing Reported What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals?

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