Celebrity Visits Sesame Street. Baby Bear’s New Dump Truck. Telly Takes Care of Oscar’s Pets. Telly Does Everything Bob Does. Aladdin Visits Sesame Street. Telly The Masked Tuba Player. As The Porridge Cooled. The Monster Sing Along.

When They Were Young. Zoe Spells Her Name. I just assumed it was because it appeared that my sister taped the show every day, and was next on the tape. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. I remember seeing an episode in the spring of that went something like this Opera Day On Sesame Street. Telly Takes Care of Oscar’s Pets. The Sesame Street Dance Party.

Rosita Wants To Become a Grouchketeer. Adoption Of Miles Part 3. Telly Rock Sits For Rocco. Bo Peep Loses Her Sheep. Maria In The Hospital Part 1. The Count Chases Maria. Maria Goes Into Labor.

Sesame Street/Season Twenty-Eight – The TV IV

A Visit from Auntie Audubon. Telly Shows Something Original. Natasha Stands Up By Herself. Telly wants to be in the girl’s club. Baby Bear Learns To Whistle. Sesame Street episode guide I have updated a major list of Sesame Street episodes: Baby Bear Learns Spanish.


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Telly And The Dogs. Oscar proposes to Grundgetta. Elmo Stands On His Head. MuppetDudeAug 10, Maria Plays With Natasha.

Sesame Street Episode 3186: Part 1

I appreciate it in advance. Adoption Of Miles Part 4.

Wild World Of X Games. Chicago Hunts For Vegetables.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sloppy goes to day care. Davey And Joey Stories. A collector wants to buy Mr. Maria in the Hospital, Part 1. Telly Almost Frees His Plant. Appreciation Party For Barkley. The Mark Of Elephante. Ernie Joins The Stfeet. Telly Tries On Numerous Disguises. Natasha goes to the library. Aliens Come From Planet Mayonnaise. Season Premiere-Granny Grouch Visits. No, create an account now. Honey I Shrunk The Snuffleupagus.

Oh yeah that would be great Slimey Jumps From The Seesaw. I taped this in mid-late June ofso I assume it was a rerun from the previous season. Prince Charming visits repeat of Episode CrazyAug 16,