SPFD TFT Library. TFT library for SPFD Author: Sadika Sumanapala; Website: ; Category: Display. UTFT myGLCD(SPFDA,A2,A1,A3,A4); // Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module! // Uncomment the next. ″ diagonal LCD TFT display; × resolution, bit (,) color; SPFD controller with built in video RAM buffer; 8 bit digital interface, plus 4.

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We have just bought some of these to sell on eBay, and have to say this is outstanding work, well done. I picked up the mcufriend 2.

Contact for availability of this TFT Shield: I got the same lcd and my lcd co-ordinates appear reversed. It has mcufriend on the screen though that is not useful.

SPFD5408 TFT Library

Hi, I too used this LCD tft to display the data from the sensor. I took a few stabs at it, but just get compiling errors. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Make sure that the. Incidentally I had to set font[] to a const in glcdfont. Do you have the driver for Arduino? Hello Justin, after spfx5408a crazy for about a month I find your work and in a moment everything is working perfectly.

Touch Screen Shield for Arduino UNO

Apart from your modified library what I should use? Am i missing a massive elephant here or are both of the tft s i bought duff??? The button is in a slightly different place to yours where the bare solder pads are on yours.


All the included examples now compile and run correctly out of the box. I’m using uno In my opinion this library is the best set I downloaded until today.

The shield comes equipped with a micro SD card slot, which I really had no real intention of using when I bought it. I also bought this lcd on ebay like Ramis and have the same problem with white screen. Unknown driver chip C0C0. Dropping eggs from drones for fun and science How to make a Minecraft server on Minecraft Pocket You could always read the datasheet and look at the initialisation code the hardest part to work out yourself and roll your own code to spfd5408aa the TFT – it’s not actually that hard usually.

What I observed that the analog reading of voltage for four corners are not representing the rectangle.

Touch Screen Shield for Arduino UNO –

I have the same shield but only get double characters when I press a number doing the touch numeric keyboard thing as well. A guide on how to use the LN Motor Driver Controller Board, this is a dual motor controller board that allow you to control the direction My TFT has http: Yes, delete it Cancel. With all that I found on the net, there was work to do this display.

I added an update to the article making your solution easier to find. Only X changing, and not by much. But I have the problem that X axis is mirrored, so the characters look backwards.

Does anyone know why this error is occurring? For a moment, but only spf5d408a moment, I considered that I really needed completely different font codes. It could compile and download but the screen is showing blank. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Also any advice about the arduino suite? Also, I only get the first character of a string i. It looks like it tries to do some low-level port manipulation for speed, but it doesn’t know how to do that on a Due since it’s a completely different beast.

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Could someone provide me with the simple sketch they can think of just to see if I can display a few pixels on the screen? Actually problem is with using static text and variable zpfd5408a the same time.

Sorry I forgot to mention the source page: Is it actually true? I posted an article with an updated source file. Changed setting in sketch, no joy. I do not know the proper value, but at least it works for me. Brian, I too just purchased the same shield… former phone button silkscreen on the touchscreen and inverted touch orientation and backwards text. Purple background looks good. Spffd5408a also need 2 or 3 analog and 2 digital IOs for interfacing thermocouples and sounders.

Sign up using Facebook. Any hoo… I started thinking about how the text in the graphic demo is displaying on MY screen. Hey, I got this display. The default state has them initialized for writes. Every click displays at corners of the screen one by one.