Any paddlefish caught on a Monday or Friday must be released immediately. Turn south on HWY Four miles north of Twin Bridges State Park. PRC Fish Data Since opening in , approximately 22, paddlefish have been examined and ODWC has amassed a considerable database on biology, physiology, and demographics of this southern plains stock. All had nine or fewer days where water levels reached the optimum flow for paddlefish. Date and time of harvest must also be recorded on the permit immediately.

Anglers must stop snagging when a paddlefish is kept. Snagging paddlefish on Grand Lake and its tributaries has been about average this spring. One of the best, if not the best, in the U. Snagging is closed for one mile below Eufaula Dam. Brown said the Wildlife Department receives telephone calls months in advance from anglers across the country who want to plan a spring trip to the area to snag paddlefish. That’s the success story for us. There are two ways to hook a paddlefish — manpower and boat power. This will take you towards the center it is about it is about 2.

Other anglers, especially early in the season in the upper end of lakes, find the most success by trolling.

Paddlefish Data | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

As of Wednesday, spoonbills had been checked in at the center where state wildlife officials clean the fish and bag the meat for anglers in exchange for the eggs from female paddlefish. During their early spring spawning run, this prehistoric fish can be caught by snagging with a stout surf rod, heavy snagginng line, and a large barbless treble hook. If you catch a banded paddlefish: Here is some helpful spoonbill fishing information Anglers line up “elbow to elbow” every season along the banks of the Neosho River for a chance to snag this prehistoric prize called Paddlefish or Spoonbill by the locals.

Special rates and discount coupons are available to groups that are staying over night in Miami. Additionally, the date and time of harvest must be recorded on the paddlefish permit. The Caviar Capital of Oklahoma! When biologists started intensely studying Oklahoma’s paddlefish population a decade ago, they learned it was much spoombill than they realized.


Why is it prohibited to snag for paddlefish with more than one rod and reel while fishing from a boat? Recreational anglers can do their part in helping manage and enhance the fishery by 1 knowing the regulations, 2 practicing catch-and-release, 3 not targeting spawning females, 4 reporting banded paddlefish, and 5 using the services of the PRC for kept fish.

There are two ways to hook a paddlefish — manpower and boat power. snavging


The angler-caught fish brought into the PRC for processing the past five years helps confirm that the spawn of resulted in a great year class of fish. Now, Oklahoma anglers can only keep two paddlefish per year one per day and the oklaoma must be checked in at wildlifedepartment.

For information on fishing below dams for paddlefish, see Tailwaters in the Public Fishing Water: Paddlefish P addlefish are one of the most unique fish in Oklahoma. The fishing is great and the fishery has grown in popularity.

As you consider a destination for a spring getaway, get your fishing gear ready and head to Northeast Oklahoma!

The Wildlife Department then uses the eggs to make paddlefish caviar and sells the luxury item to a wholesaler, a program that has received national attention since it first began 11 years ago. Remember paddlefish are large so you have to think BIG when selecting your tackle. With the popularity of fishing for spoonbills growing, biologists realized if they didn’t pass regulations to restrict the harvest, these prehistoric looking fish could disappear like they have in other places. Miami has more than hotel rooms located conveniently off Interstate 44 and Route During their early spring spawning run, Spoonbill can be caught by snagging with a stout surf rode, heavy test line and a large barbless treble hook.

Paddlefish Data

The one thing you won’t need is a lure of any kind. We have more paddlefish today than we had 15 years ago. Visit our upcoming calendar of events for a full line-up of activities happening in the Miami area. Their entire skeleton is cartilage, just like a shark. Below are three forms of data now being used by ODWC to make paddlefish management decisions.


There just aren’t very many places you can go and catch a paddlefish. Although conditions were similar toit is a little early to accurately predict the future in regards to recent flow years such as and The PRC also serves as the hub for statewide paddlefish management and research activities.

Grand Lake has become the place to go to catch paddlefish much like Lake Texoma is for striped bass. The free permit is available at wildlifedepartment.

Residents and nonresidents may have one paddlefish in their possession in the field. As a result, the anglers have overwhelmingly supported the efforts to protect the population and ensure a future for paddlefish, he said.

In an average year, between 4, and 5, anglers will check in fish at the Paddlefish Research Center, which opened in A free paddlefish permit in addition to a state fishing license is required of anglers. Ed Godfrey was born in Muskogee and raised in Stigler. Thanks for supporting our paddlefish conservation efforts.

Their gill arches have filaments on them called gill rakers that sieve the zooplankton organisms spoonboll the water. Inmore than 8, lbs. Weak year classes subsequent to that of and data on increasing angler numbers are the key reasons for ODWC making changes to the paddlefish regulations.

Under no circumstances can any paddlefish be caught, kept and later released no culling. Based on the number of paddlefish permits issued and the results of a postseason angler surveys, ODWC recognizes that tens of thousands of resident and nonresident anglers fish for paddlefish during the spring run. So we had to protect that group of spawning, mature fish and we were able to do that.

Paddlefish and paddlefish parts must remain tagged until the person in possession of the same reaches their residence.