29 Aug The Ugly Duchess By: Eloisa James James has an understandably rocky relationship with his father, whose irresponsibility has long been. Eloisa James is extraordinary.”—Lisa Kleypas“Nothing gets me to the bookstore faster than a new novel by Eloisa James.”—Julia QuinnNew York Time. 16 Aug I enjoy Eloisa James’ books because she is so innovative and tends Surprisingly The Ugly Duchess didn’t do that at least in the first half of.

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Quick, let’s kiss and make up! Enter your HarperCollins account username and password. Which frees Theo up to marry her devoted swain and live happily ever after! And her reasonings to why she hates sex didn’t seem genuine. Then, when he came back, she immediately started lusting for him.

August 28, Imprint: I often weave early modern poetry into my work; the same novel might contain bits of Catullus, Shakespeare and anonymous bawdy ballads from the 16th century.

His father heaved himself out of his chair. I lost it all. But the very blatant infidelity, AND the fact he didn’t seem to be ashamed about it when recounting it to his wife made me want to vomit, especially when combined with a seven year estrangement. I shou I find myself torn ducuess Eloisa James’s books.

Otherwise, you will have no country house to inherit. Read new romance book reviews, posts from your th authors, samples, exciting digital first publications and e-book specials. I had to keep pausing and ask myself this is the heroine??


The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

Leigh Davis Review Date: The links will take you to the Web site’s homepage. And what of her grave … have you thought of that? I felt both hero and heroine had a lot of growing up to do and they did but it was a lengthly process and understandably so. It occurred to James, not for the first time, that there was no human being in the world he loathed as much as his father.

The Ugly Duchess

Because you said it was over. Everything kinda headed south until the end when it picked up again. James cares for Theo and knows what he doing is wrong, but he does it anyway. In my mind I’d stabbed him a hundred times, alternating between kicking and punching and sometimes, just yelling unintelligibly. And I know that mo I hate writing this review because I’m generally a fan of Eloisa James’ works loved the previous 2 books in the fairy tales series btwbut I didn’t like this book.

Four Nights With the Duvhess. How to Capture a Countess. Theodora Saxby is the last woman anyone udchess the gorgeous James Ryburnheir to the Duchy of Ashbrook, to marry. But is he the same man who once left London and his marriage at the age of twenty? Not to mention that she is left duhess shoulder the cruel moniker of the “Ugly Duchess,” she was given by all the newspapers from the day they wed.

This is not ok. The duke continued, amusing himself by laying out the distinction between mistresses and wives.


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And he always thought his wife didn’t want him back. Well, this one epoisa a swing and a miss for me, which is a shame, because Eloisa James is usually a ton of fun. Even though James was heir to the Duke of Ashbrook, he always regarded Theodora as “Daisy” because of her fabulous hair.

I couldn’t like these two if you paid me to. Fairy Tales 6 books. Stupid idiot of a h who takes this Fucktard back. But this secret wasn’t revealed in a normal way.

The Ugly Duchess — All About Romance

About this title Audio Format. As you can see, it’s even less than that. I loved the young Daisy, the girl who was so. I am fairly certain most men would understand my lapse. I was interested to see where it was going.

I had no patience for the hero in the least – He was immature in the beginning and an idiot later on. She had a level head on her shoulders. There’s nothing wrong with that, true, but it didn’t fit with the ygly “I control my life” Theo the reader was shown.