21 May Quality is a course which is to acquaint the student with the basic Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures. Wipro’s integrated approach to quality—veloci-Q—is detailed with an emphasis on the process improvement initiatives, supporting technology, and people. 26 Jun Veloci-Q It makes a difference! / Business differentiator. What’s in it for the customer? Needs will be correctly and adequately understood.

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Process Quality 45 Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself?

Build customized versions of project for different clients 78 If a SCM break downs, which of the following is of the most help: Difference between two versions of binary files b. Check-out 98 A report that shows the differences between two or more files or versions of a file are a. Document Retrieval Show Answer Answer: This award is for achieving high soft-ware process capability and establishing a basis for moving to a broad improvement program that concerns people and products, rather than just the processes.


You want to place it under version control using some tool. Rational Unified Process Model b. Maintaining a file system as work area is more space efficient than using a workspace 75 SCM does not help in meeting which of the following ISO requirement a.

Deviation of coding standard Show Answer Answer: Is prepared for the Mission Quality Group b. Which of the following task will provide a visual display of Conflict between the changes by the individuals.

Execution Process Plan c. The threshold value of Risk Score beyond which the Mitigation and contingency plans need to be documented is Answer A project can be initiated based on Answer: Change Control Register d.

What is the 3rd level in CMMI called? Queries and PIP b.

The prevention activities coming out of a LAM is documented in Answer: Organizational learning enters Veloci-Q through Answer: History Graph Show Answer Answer: Critical Component quality b. Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? You want to know all your responsibilities as defined by veloci-Q for your role. Managing change and improved quality of software assets b.

Concurrency between workspace requiring co-ordination c. Managing release of multiple versions 9 Label is a useful identification tag. Fill in the blank from respective comma separated words a.


Trend Nxt Quality 101 | Quality Assurance Question and Answers

Check-in and check-out b. Requirement analysis and test planning c.

Event Trigger Show Answer Answer: In the external audit meeting Show Answer Answer: Branching Show Answer Answer: A label or tag application is saved as meta data in tools database. Labelling of files is recommended for updation information vwlociq 10 A file of version merge combines the file modifications that have independently occurred in two versions into a new version in one of the branches.

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Meet the needs and expectations of customers b. Merging of actual content; reflecting the merge in version history In SCM context, a work item or deliverable such as code, documents or data is a a. Branching Two aspects of merging are a. International Systems Organization c.