An extra boat appears containing more contestants including Bao, Aguma and Johannes. Cosmic Pegasus gets off to a good start, overpowering Nemesis. However, it appears that Nemesis’ power exceeds even that. They become worried as a result, as they fear the dark power Nemesis holds. The Blader DJ gets confused as Ryuga just stood there and did nothing. Despite this, Yuki is again defeated by Ryuga.

Tsubasa is one of the many Bladers in the crowd to compete while he finds Ryuga, who is attempting to find a Legendary Blader and Kenta too as Ryuga startles the Blader DJ. Benkei then has a flashback to when they battle and he lost and he and Kyoya witnessed the Star Fragment fly pass them. The temple begins to collapse as Rago and Pluto collapse, knowing that their efforts have become futile. Aguma reacts and attempts to assault him with his Bey, but Johannes reassures him that everything is fine. He is then surrounded by dark power and uses his special move that knocks Masamune and Striker out and Chris is revealed as another of the Legendary Bladers by Gingka and co. Suddenly, a mysterious figure stops him in his path and reveals himself to be Kenta. The monster, provoked by their intensifying battle, attacks suddenly but then flees into a maze of stone walls, Kyoya and Yu run after it but the monster knows the maze well and teases them when it can. Doji goes on to provoke him further by telling Ryuga that he caused the rise of Nemesis and was only a tool in the plan, again, annoying Ryuga further.

Several rule violations later, Kenta is announced the winner of the tournament and is given a trophy.

Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 15 (English Dubbed) Destroyer Dome (FULL)

Ryo explains that every bey descended from the original Star Fragment used to create Pegasus, so every bey in the world contains a part of the Fragment, no matter how small it may be. Kyoya then pulls his hand away. A darkness storm brews, causing Gingka to struggle to stand up once again.


Gingka and his friends arrive at a fork in the path and do not know which way to go. destroyyer

Madoka and Hikaru watch as they battle. Later, the gang are ready for their quest to begin. Having looked sideways at the battle between Aguma and Yuki, Dynamis challenged Gingka to a battle. Rago launches Nemesis into a Stadium and begins exerting “Dark Energy”, causing abnormal weather and natural disasters netal occur worldwide.

In another helicopter is the Blader DJ, reporting episods the world with the news that Nemesis has been stopped. Before long, a battle breaks out between Gingka and Kyoya who wish to settle the score once and for all. The gang then run to begin their adventure to stop Nemesis. Gingka defeats Kenta and Ryuga defeats King in two awesome matches and advance to the next round.

Enzo then thanks Toby and Zeo for saving him but then turns against them because the Garcias next. Shadow L-Drago then proceeds to attack Sagittario and succeeds, sending Kenta back. Tsubasa also reminds them about Jigsaw’s special move that ended the B Block round. Gingka and Pegasus glow golden, much to the shock of Rago.

Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 15 (English Dubbed) Destroyer Dome (FULL) – video dailymotion

Back at village, the episodr has begun to erupt; lava is already spurting out. Each of the Legendary Bladers feel pain from their beast being defeated. Bao decides to go into the Stadium and see Proto Nemesis for himself and as he grabs it, Proto Nemesis flings Bao against a wall, showing that Proto Nemesis is, indeed, a threat.

They tell him Nemesis epiode, away from the world to never come back, as Gingka is delighted. Ryuto notices the statues eyes seem to point the way and tests the corridor for traps with his Bey.


Ryuga notices the new Pegasus, but does not think it will do much effort to his L-Drago. And finally, they put winning or losing at stake with Pegasus’ Special Move. They are amazed at this Bey as they cannot believe the power Proto Nemesis holds.

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Yuki tells that deetroyer he was younger, his grandfather told him of the Star Fragment. The Barrier forms a sphere around Nemesis and eventually sends a beam upwards, seemingly sending Nemesis back out of the world.

The gang gets onto a boat and when Kenta talks to them. Yuki then decides to go for another strike but ends up having it dodged and hitting Pegasus instead, sending it flying into the sky but just barely landing inside the stadium. Later, the gang have a feast courtesy of Sarah’s dom.

Beyblade Metal Fury – Destroyer Dome Movie English Dubbed (Full) – Dailymotion Video

For the first match, Block A group, a battle royal with ten epixode began. However, Aguma, who hasn’t decided his fate after his battle against Kyoya, attacks Gingka and his friends so that he can steal the radiance of the Star and use it as his own power. Each of the Legendary Bladers are in terrible states as they struggle to get the strength to even lift their heads up. The gang then continue their search and find themselves in epiosde barn.

Johannes challenges him to a battle and they proceed.