I think she seems that way because when her friends are fighting with her ex-boyfriend Brian she screams “stop,” and shouts he isn’t worth it. The book definitely shows the worst parts of everyday life. At the beginning of the summer, she was raped by a nineteen year old named Brian. On top othat, Darcys former boyfriend, Hakeem, who had moved to Detroit at the start of the summer,has returned to live with his best friend Coop but is apparently hiding something from Darcy. Dec 04, Trevor Schmoldt rated it really liked it. He could be talking about the simplest of things but uses the right words to really describe what t I thought this book was good. It was the girl he was seeing over summer in Detroit.

Darcy told Hakeem this and he got very upset. Darcy Wills is desperate. She told them that he isn’t worth it, and refused to give him a second chance. He also had some anger issues. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. So know her friend name tarah is telling her everything is going to be all right just give hakeem some time because he just got back.

Wikipedia in English None. Jan 16, Quinlee rated it it was amazing. References to this work on external resources. I really wish the book was bit longer because it help me feel like I was in her shoes, and see how other people life is going through. Hakeem met a girl already named Anika while he was over This is the best book I have ever read so far in my life.

Shatteree is the main character in Shattered, she is having a mental breakdown. Google Books — Loading And an even deeper lie is tearing her family apart. He sdries had some anger issues.

Shattered (Bluford Series, Number 12)

Her ex-boyfriend, Hakeem had moved to Detroit. The story ends with Darcy learning a short, but valuable lesson about the strength that one gains in overcoming adversity. After school Darcy stood at the bottom of the school stairs waiting for Hakeem. My father was not always in my life but i just needed to move more. She is having trouble with her boyfriend, and things with her best friend aren’t going so well.


It kept me guessing what would happen next. She thinks her best friends Cooper and Tarah are against her and are There was more from the book that took place in the inner city neighborhood where her family lived. While reading i got really into the book. Hakeem is nervous on how Darcy will take his secret of kissing another girl while he was away inDetroit.

A family dealing with violence ends up affecting the main character’s life. In this book it talks about A girl named Darcy and things that happened in her life basically. Whenshe look up she seen a girl walking up hugging on Hakeem and after that she walked over toTara and Coop to see why this girl was hugging on Hakeem.

Over a period of three days Darcy learns more about herself, her family, and her friends that strengthen her relationships and make her feel as though she has grown wiser. Darcy finds out who her real friends are, and how a family can grow not only closer but also more mature. I like how the book shows incidents that happen in the world we live in.

I liked how the author explained the personal life of the main character. Personal Response I thought Shattered was overall, a great book. At home nothing was different other than the fact that Darcy is finding more and more beerbottles from her dad.

Sep 29, Daniel Arroyo rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Darcy Wills is beginning her junior year at Bluford High after an eventful summer. After he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and taught English at a community college, Paul reconnected to his interests in creative writing through the Bluford Series.

The book made many connections to my life. He came back five years later to help out with his family. He then said he will try to get better. On top of that, Darcy’s former boyfriend, Hakeem, who had moved to Detroit at the start of the summer, has returned to live with his cousin Coop but is apparently hiding something from Darcy. I think it is a really good book because its about a young lady missing her boyfriend that had left her to go live in another state because him and his family had got evicted from their apartment, also becuase they didn’t have enough money to pay the rent every month.


Darcy and her best friend, Tarah went to a restaurant to meet Hakeem and Cooper.

Aug 19, Barbara rated it liked it. It was the girl he was seeing over summer in Detroit. Unwilling to lose her family and friends she must confront the past.

Shattered By: paul langan By :Deasia Bonner by Deasia Bonner on Prezi

blufird She thinks her best friends Cooper and Tarah are against her and are. She was very stressed out about hearing all of that, until she found out it was true.

There were things that just kept happening unexpectedly. But that’s not all her mom and dad are fighting wen she comes home from the “date ” with her friends an Hakeem. She meets a boy who raped over the summer when blufoord had to babysit for Liselle Mason.

Recommendation – Overall this story wasn’t a bad read. The bad news was he started drinking again and the good news washe was going to therapy for it. If they would have all just talked it out in the beginning, it would have all been fine.

I could vision the authors perspective when I was reading this book. Dec 04, Trevor Schmoldt rated it really liked it. She didn’t know until she met Anika. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

Darcey waited about a day to tell Hakeem what happened with the guy. She still like her summarry and is afraid to tell him what happened to her.

Some at school and some at home. She didn’t want anyone to know besides her best friend Tarah.

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