As the time progresses Purva and Mihir begin to develop close feelings for one another. Unfortunately, Puchki dies of her injuries. But in her brother’s will, he says that the property will go to Neema after all the 4 sisters get married and sign the will. Mihir, stunned by these words, watches Shamar stamp out of the house. Shyamad Das 1 episode, Sudeep Sahir Revati Shastri [7] Ketki Dave: She apologises to everyone.

Akashi tells Shamar to go to Purva’s house for the pooja, telling him that she will join him later as she is going to the temple. Thus, Revati and Sevantilal died. Jigna’s original postmortem report indicates that she was under the influence of drugs at the time of her death. Purva asks Mihir to help her stop Akashi. Smriti comes to Purva to deliver her wedding card. A shocked Jay witnesses the whole scene. Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. However, one day Akashi meets up with her old friend Viren.

Amar is a choreographer by profession. In the meantime everybody plans a goodbye party for Prem and are very upset to leave him.

Later it is revealed that Aastha is actually Smriti in disguise. The family is thrilled. Anokhi already finds out the truth before anybody else does, as she hears Aastha singing Prem’s lullaby and confronts her about it. Nimaben decides not to save them and hides the key to the room.

One day, she pretends that her car has broken down and asks Mihir if she can spend the night at his place to which Mihir agrees. Vishal often gambles money and loses it as well.

However, Mihir is always by her side to support her. Meanwhile, Kshitij takes up the courage to go near Akashi to apologize her but Akashi rejects him. After a few more investigations and a confrontation with Karan, Mihir finds out that Aastha is Smriti and sets out to rescue her and the two patch up. Kamini is also very possessive mother.


Gomti Shamar’s mother notices Akashi upset and questions her. Rama’s last wish states that Puchki’s guardian is Purva and apologises to her as her last breath went. Akashi is forced to go to Kshitij for help as she can’t find another lawyer. A fight occurs dfama Mihir is badly hurt, whereas Rama dies. They share a moment nevertheless, Akashi walks away.

Although she acts very nicely with the sisters, she does not like them at all. Like Nimaben, he only cares for money.

Mr WordPress on Hello world! The family play games and everyone enjoy themselves. Shamar shares all his worries with Purva. Due to an accident during her pregnancy, Smriti often gets pluss breakdown.

She is a polite girl and visits Smriti at the mental hospital. Purva tells him that everything will be fine very soon.

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Mihir gives Shamar the taxi charge. Kshitij tries to rape Akashi, and is very close to doing so, nevertheless she is saved by Purva, as Purva heard her praying at the temple and decides to follow her. Mihir is surprised to see his office decorated very beautifully. This article’s plot summary may be too long behndin excessively detailed.

Anokhi younger sister 1 episode, Two sisters, Amrit and Nimrit were raised in the royal palace at Amritgarh, where their family ruled for many generations. Shamar hands over the money he earned to Aakashi but she refuses to believe him.

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Shamar tells Akashi that he has a gut feeling about something bad. A shocked Jay witnesses the whole scene. They reminisce about happier moments they shared together. A happy, forgiving Purva takes Akashi along to the Sanghvi house.


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Purva dra,a Akashi crying on lpus doorstep, but she refuses to tell anybody what happened. Mihir is a devoted son, brother, and husband. She also takes very good care of Prem. Here it is revealed that Kshitij cancels his wedding with the other girl, since he still loves Akashi and cannot replace her with anyone else.

Under these circumstances, Purva gets married to Mihir, in order to take care of Prem. Smriti assures him that she will try speaking to Nisha.

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Bhavesh Patel 1 episode, She loses her daughter Puchki because her husband, a wicked man kidnaps her. Akashi invites Shamar to her birthday party where they both enjoy teasing each other. But in her brother’s will, he says that the property will go to Neema after all the 4 sisters get married and sign the will. Karan kidnaps her upon realizing this. Here, Akashi gets injured and bleeds and is given a lot of care and affection by Shamar which finally makes things better between them.

Purva and Mihir get copies of the photos and get to know about Akashi’s wedding with Shamar, which she hid from them.