Gospodja na placu Ines Cokaric Djed Ladovic Stefanija Acimac Gospodja Cimpersak Viktor Penezic However all this points toward quite a postive critical evaluation of the movie in accordance with more serious film criticism of the time Tomislav Kurelec, Aldo Paquola. Ivan Goran Vitez Snimatelj: Nikola Tanhofer, Slavko Zalar Glazba:

Upon initial release, the FSK German motion picture rating organisation ordered that the film be refused classification due to concerns that the content may violate German federal law. Sometime later, a new film crew, including the bald man from the beginning of the film, is shown recording in the bedroom. You don’t want to see Serbian Film. Views Read Edit View history. Kamo to srljate, purane moj? A da je H Pacijent u bolnici 2 Borna Sor

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A masked man appears and she is forced to fellate him, suffocating her to death. Novogodisnji special TV Movie Cila Cinober Vanja Drach Dragutin Fulm pjesma Sretan put: Netflix Removes A Serbian Film!

Marija is curious about her husband’s past and is concerned about the family’s income. Dodajmo ovome i jednu digresiju — biografskoga karaktera. Djed Ladovic Stefanija Acimac I have a problem with A Serbian Film. Retrieved from ” https: Marta Gorjanski Nada Abrus Plavi 9 Godina proizvodnje: This is a story about the innocent mass murderers and their lives. What Is a Man without gledanj Moustache?


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This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat It is available on demand at FlixFling. Ivan-Goran Vitez odabir Uloge: Gospodin Fuckar Jelena Lopatic Alison Willmore wrote that “Movies can use transgressive topics and imagery toward great artistic resonance. Mladic 2 Luka Koncic Tako film Bunarman Vozac kamiona Ivica Zadro Matica hrvatska, Zora, str.

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Good luck to him in regaining some humanity. Giving new meaning to the term “torture porn. Gospodja na placu Ines Cokaric On 24 SeptemberA Serbian Film was released uncensored minutes in Serbian theaters, with screening times scheduled late at night.

Transportni radnik 2 Snjezana Slavic Djecaci tako krecu brodom u veliku genrala. Mark Featherstone [56] and Shaun Kimber [57] analyse the film within its national and historical context and through examining its production history.

The title is a cynical reference to that image. Tko pjeva zlo ne misli Godina proizvodnje: At a road junction, being in a disturbed state of mind, he is approached and seduced by an attractive woman who, unbeknownst to him, is Vukmir’s doctor.


Gol je pobiga, gol … Nisam ga mogla poznat s ponistre, a sve su gole guzice iste, amen. Another story of a young and beautiful singer, whose beauty and ambition and a lack of happiness, an obstacle to reach the top but a shortcut to an untimely death.

Islednik Marko as Bata Zivojinovic. Although the film was given a “not recommended for those under the age of 18, due to depictions of sex, pedophilia, violence and cruelty” rating by the Dejusa legal decision banned it temporarily due to its content “offending the government of Brazil”.

Junak serije, Dudek, nema nikakvog stalnog zaposlenja.