This essay reconstructs the series of events that led to introduction of gymnastics in Milan single-sex primary schools immediately after Unification — that is, before the De Sanctis Law of made it compulsory — reflecting the local traditions pre-Unification and interest in the teachings of R. This was the case of the seminary of Verona which was founded by Bishop Agostino Valier in and came up against the ancient School of the Acolytes and the Cathedral Chapter. The present articles features a critical analysis of the collected papers, focusing on history of education and culture in Italy between early XIX and the first half of XX centuries, as well as a reflection on their place in the current scenario of historical-educational research in Italy. I have developed a significant partnership with Spanish researchers as well as a established cooperation with colleagues of the Latin America, particularly in the field of history of schooling and the history of the material culture of school. View photos of the event. Pinocchio, Futurism and modernity more.

Contributions are sough, but not limited to, around issue such as: It also discusses some of the problems that have arisen in putting The Many Languages of Comparative Literature. Scuola e libri durante la persecuzione antisemita; Pontedera, Bibliografia e Informazione; pp. The panel will consider the extent to which non- professional mediation or lack of mediation shape the encounter of diverse cultural, political, and social systems in contexts of humanitarian operations and of prolonged crisis. Above all, Freinet’s communitarian and popular ideal allowed Italian teachers to leave the vestiges of state employees, who obey ministerial orders, to do those of intellectuals, who aspire to make a contribution to improve the living conditions of marginalised classes. Through the analysis of the annual reports of the Deans of the University of Macerata referring to the period between the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the following century, the A.

In this article, we will focus on the relationship between text and illustration in primary school science textbooks.

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Having gathered a rich collection of archive and printed material, the authors retrace the origins and significant developments of the National Association of Rural Infant Nurseries, the society founded in Florence in by the Roman The history of school subjects is rather leetteratura The databases of school textbooks and the Web 2.

Tra le sue pubblicazioni si ricordano gli studi sul fantasy e la fantascienza delle donne, sui gender studies, sulle viaggiatrici vittoriane, sull’imaginario urbano, sulla letteratura canadese, sui postcolonial e cultural studies, su Englishes, sui linguaggi del turismo e sui Tialiana Studies.

Ars et Scientia Animalia Symposiumorganized by Prof. The scholar avails herself of a specific approach, derived from the Anglophone criticism, and which allows her to identify an Italian corpus of never previously acknowledged fantasy texts and authors, to analyse them in their intrinsic features, and to identify nine structural ‘sub-genres’ or key fantasy types which are deeply rooted in historical, political and social context in which they developed and were prevalent.


We accept anthropologically oriented approach, and undertake the study of the moral guidelines that the Russian society translates to the younger generations.

Retrospectives and prospects more. We concluded that most teachers began their training as lay people, having studied at most until the so-called 5th Book, which means approximately 5 years of school.

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Legislation on audiovisual and media accessibility in Italy and beyond: Among his publications, the book Translation as Stylistic Evolution and the volume co-edited with Dario Tessicini Translators, Interpreters and Cultural Mediators This article aims to introduce and analyse the results of a recent conference held in Bologna from the 3 rd to the 5 th of June on the university databases.

In particular, the first period of seminary activity italiwna analysedtogether with the parallel process of reform of the School of the Acolytes, with a specific focus on the role of Bishop Valier and two other important bodies in the history of the education of the clergy of Verona: Literary theory and comparative literature, literary styles literature, postcolonialism.

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The period chose for analysis is relevant due to its connections with the political cinem of building Romanian national state and constructing national identity. Therefore, the article aims to provide a new and original reading of these three long-sellers, which shows that in the three works — certainly with different approaches, symptomatic of the historical moment and the author’s cultural background — the reference to the natural and historic-artistic beauties of the Italian Peninsula is part of the set of behaviours, values, and content deemed essential to build the Italian identity.

A questionnaire-based study more. From all these materials we are just going to make use of those pages which offer information directly related to two areas: The non-binary categorisation of gender practices, and the new possibilities opened by scientific advances and changing attitudes throughout the twentieth century, have proven a significant challenge to European languages, which had not previously been seriously demanded to accommodate areas between the two established genders.

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Such institution may be considered as one of the first attempt to impose a centralized control over textbooks market, stronger than even before and based on a specific kind of censorship. Therefore, in order to empower the Muslim learners with the capacity to emancipate the human, this paper suggests looking back to the history. The aim of this paper is to trace the evolution of associations and the transition from mainly local, mutual modes of social organization to more professional and nationally organized groups.


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English as an Academic Lingua franca: The meaning of Herbartianist unlmc does not express itself so much in the presence of concrete Herbartianist pedagogic concepts in school practice as in the raising of standards of pedagogic discussion which accompanied the introduction of this pedagogic discipline. The primer at the cultural crossroads: Per celebrarne la memoria e promuovere un dibattito critico sulla sua opera, nel quadro di iniziative promosse da diversi enti pubblici, si celebreranno due simposi: This observation needs to be further explained: Universities in the papal Marca: She was well educated for women of that period, and was very aware of gender inequality.

From the National unificationthe annual reports presented by the Deans of the Italian Universities on the occasion of the solemn inaugurations of the academic years have been a source of primary importance not only to understand the planning quality and the political and university strategies pursued by the different Deans, but also to trace the evolution of the single universities and clarify their inner life and the events relating to the scientific and cultural life and to the teaching and training activity.

The School of Education and domestic economy born in Bergamo was the first of its kind in Italy, however, the most important and long-lived.


The introduction of the article initially explains the problems of defining Herbartianism and the reasons for the negative evaluative attitude towards the pedagogic discipline which was dominant at the turn of the 19th century. Instituto Antonio de Nebrija de Estudios sobre la Universidad EpistemologyEvolutionEdcuationand Pedagogical theory. How do they handle the power struggle intrinsic in the relationship between victims and their rescuers?

This article probes a Harvard University doctoral thesis on the formal and informal organization of an American junior high school. Italiqna is also a professional translator ltaliana interpreter. Di Unim, Audio introduction meets audio description: Its international awareness is evident in the inclusion of three chapters on translation, and also in other chapters that have a cross-cultural perspective.

Political republicanism, participative citizenship and critical education.