This initially doesn’t go well as Gantu and Stitch both want to be the leader until nominates Lilo. Swirly and Reuben The search for the next experiment stops when Stitch falls in love with a female experiment, but Lilo is suspicious of her. Mertle gets a pet dog, names her “Gigi” and enters her in a dog show in Honolulu , and Lilo enters Stitch in the same dog show in hopes of beating Mertle and winning her friendship. Edit Details Release Date: But to make matters worse Mertle has placed Gantu on her team, who has promised to help her win the game with a bargain to achieve the experiment at the end. Meanwhile, Experiment is unleashed, causing Gantu to take a bad blow to the head.

They pretend that they are working with the two again, but once they are taken to their hideout, capture the two experiments who are then taken to their one true place: Edit Details Release Date: Splodyhead wins and restores the warm climate of the island. A small microbe-like experiment enters Pleakley’s body, causing a peculiar illness that gives him purple pimples, a swollen eye, extremely smelly feet, and uncontrollable burping. Yin , Yang , and Reuben Lilo and Stitch try to gather all the experiments. When it is discovered that the earthquakes were caused by an experiment, Lilo and Stitch must travel underground to catch it before it cracks the Earth in half and before Gantu catches it. Jumba warns that the new experiment will release a terrible odor soon.

Keoni is going away for the weekend, so Lilo uses a shape-shifting experiment to transform into him, and win the island’s skateboarding competition’s grand prize. Poxy and Reuben Search for ” Kixx: Felix is an experiment mad with cleanness and cleans everything. Stitch voice David Ogden Stiers Mertle helps Lilo catch the experiment, while Stitch becomes stuck to Nani and Jumba becomes stuck to Pleakley.

This initially doesn’t go well as Gantu and Stitch both want to be the leader until nominates Lilo. Lilo later finds it and takes it home, naming it Felix due to her statement that all “neat freaks” on television are named “Felix”. This episode features a crossover with Kim Possible.


Experiment ” on Amazon. Lilo and Stitch must save everyone from Felix’s mania and clean the home before Nani returns. Jake Long visit the island to check out reports that magical creatures actually Jumba’s experiments are running rampant. With no one believing them or bothering to seek shelter, Stitch formulates a plan to go into outer space and destroy it to save the planet.

However, when an experiment designed to turn technology against its user enters the computer control system, Stitch must fight the house to rescue everyone. Pleakley’s worst fear is his mother.

Nosy then annoys Gantu and Hamsterville so much that they release him. When Lilo’s attempts prove to be unsuccessful Stitch decides to leave and ends up being kidnapped by Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s remaining experiments, which he created with the financing of Dr.

While they hand out invitations for their own party, they encounter an experiment that gives people amnesia and causes them to lose their memories of each other.

Nani and Pleakley do not appear in this episode. He makes it so cold that it starts to snow. In the end, the group uses Jumba’s ship’s hyperdrive to safely push the asteroid away from Earth without destroying it, but leaving Jumba and Pleakley permanently stranded on Earth.

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The experiments names are parodies of the bank robbing duo, Bonnie and Clyde. While the Grand Councilwoman offers to reinstate Gantu’s position for the capture of Dr. Retrieved from ” https: Fibber and Reuben Stenchy on a rocket and sends him to Pleakley’s home planet where the odor is considered appealing. Finder is put to work running a Lost and Found at the beach.

Finder ; mis-numbered in the episodeYinYangRichterCannonballand Reuben Full Cast and Crew.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The competition turns fierce when a slick-talking experiment appears that has the ability to sell anything.


Kixx: Experiment 601

While Pleakley is off looking for Yaarp, Gantu captures Stitch and will not let him free without a trade. Stitch is weakened by the duplication when his strength is divided among all the duplicates. Season 1 Episode Shortstuff is defeated after Stitch returns to normal size and becomes a new ride at the Carnival at his giant size. SlushySplodyheadand Reuben Lilo and Stitch try to help Mrs.

Lilo and Stitch The Series S01 E10 – Kixx: Experiment 601

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Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai! Jumba warns that the new experiment will release a terrible odor soon. An experiment that turns people into babies activates and turns Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley and Gantu into babies. Eventually, Gantu is allowed to capture the experiment to save Mertle and Stitch. Lilo meets a new friend named Victoria who also joins Lilo’s hula class. A popular television show comes to Hawaii as a hypnotizing experiment is activated.

Special guest appearance by “Weird Al” Yankovicwho voices a singing minstrel. The experiment is so annoying that Lilo and Stitch give Nosy to Gantu.

In the episode “Snafu”, they manage to rescue him. The race is on because Jumba theorizes that the world will be doomed if the two elementally opposing experiments touch each other, they will destroy Earth.

Lilo rescues an irresistibly cute experiment. Baby Stitch and Baby Gantu battle for the experiment, while Lilo and Baby Jumba who still possesses the intellect of adult Jumba have kilo mix an antidote for the age regression requiring adult coffee in the mix.