And so, Hwa-yong is married to the crown prince while Bu-yong spends the rest of her days wearing a half-mask to cover the ugly burn. Kiara April 26, at 9: She leaves the meeting thinking hard about the proposal, wondering whether to take it. Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. Hwa-yong is especially crushed, crying angry tears, but agrees to prepare her sister. I’ve spent the last couple of episodes trying to figure out what it is about Micky that has me so Your email address will not be published. How can this be?

The court lady ran away out of fear, fought her apprehenders, and was killed in the tussle. And wen it’s dead and unlit, it stays longer. He stands there on the porch with lighted sparklers, left behind by Park-ha after all, burning them all down. I will support you all the way.. Then he jumps into the water to attempt rescue swim away. The same sisterly resentment builds between the Joseon-era counterparts. But it makes sense in this case since Yi Gak is from the Joseon era? Man-bo vows that they must beat Tae-mu.

Park-ha then submits her resignation, planping to move out in three days. And that it is. They stroll home, where Grandma and Great Aunt are waiting for their confrontation with Park-ha.

I’m not sure I’m sold on this drama yet. Memories specially painful ones. Yi Gak comes home to find Park-ha packing her things. They put many details in one episode, which I think it’s pretty hard to follow but it’s also mean we’ll see funny and hilarious scene from F4 soon! Park-ha gets happy news: It may be a bit soon, I’ll have to watch a few more eps to decide, but this one could be a keeper.



You are so funny!!! I wouldn’t worry about the side characters yet.

Yi Gak asks Becky if she knows where Park-ha went, but she has no information. When he’s around other people, he’s posing as Tae-yong, and should therefore speak differently.

So yes, I see what you did there. He calls Se-na and gets her attention right off the bat by telling her he wants to talk about her family. So agreeable, in fact, that rooftop pouts, wanting a bigger reaction. Susie Wong April 27, at If they leave, Yi Gak can fix his past. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

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I’m also glad that Yi Gak has become more rrooftop an “equal” with them, they still refer to him as King, but the way he interacts with them is not so “i’m king so listen to what I say” as before. He calls brokenly to her, fighting the officers who grab him before he falls into the pond, too.

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Thanks for the recap. If not, you can priince check youtube or dramacrazy! MissChiVyous April 26, at 8: I rather like sageuk Buyong more than her modern counterpart, Park-ha, who is thisclose to getting on my nerves. For my rloftop I’ve re-watched some parts from Padam Padam just to see how different she is here I believe that she had much more chemistry with Jung Woo-sung there, they were like a real couple. Hwa-yong is especially crushed, crying angry tears, but agrees epiisode prepare her sister.

And so, Hwa-yong is married to the crown prince while Bu-yong spends the rest of her days wearing a half-mask to cover the ugly burn. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Though i’m wondering, since she was evil in her past life, why wasn’t she, like, reincarnated into an animal?

Rooftop Prince

And I wonder how the North would react to how they were depicted, if they would even care. Thank you for your responses, they were helpful. Please click the link in that email en complete the email change process. Tempers rise and Tae-yong pushes his hyung in frustration, who punches him backā€¦ and sends him over the rail and into the water, hitting his head on the roofotp. I was cringeing the entire time on the scenes supposedly set in the US.

Such a sweet bittersweet kiss, awwwww. JadeL March 22, at 8: But I now understand some korean and I can watch it row till recaps are available. Thank you for the recap, as always! I imagine PDA was not the rule years ago, so for him to feel strongly enough to kiss her backlit by sodium vapour lights on the top of the building seems pretty bold.

Then there’re the villains of the show. A butterfly is my guess, since we see one often.

An interesting statistic, maybe, but useless. To kill time away from home, they take a walk to the top of the hill, where they pause while looking out at the city lights.