This person does not have the access to this photo. Meanwhile, a frantic Sawri informs Bhabho about what she overheard at Aman’s house. Shweta scolds Sawri for making such a big sacrifice. On the other hand, Rajveer is excited seeing his elder brother Daksh Amit Jain. Sawri asks him to take her to his house, and she is shocked to see a photograph of her mother with Rajveer and Daksh! Saloni then introduces Sawri and Daksh to Gurumaa. Just then, Bhabho switches on the light, so Sawri lies to her that she had come to take water.

Later, Shweta sees the same man in the fair when she’s shopping. Kamini asks Shweta to come to a new disco but Shweta replies that she cannot. They then meet Kamini and Nikita, who insist that they stay back in the fair longer. Just then, Kaveri comes there and regrets her misdeeds. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Vaidehi asks her to pray to God and then open her eyes to think of the first man! Brijesh and others return home and he informs everyone at home about Sawri’s sacrifice.

When Narpat and Ambica visit the prison to inform Saloni, they are told by the jailor that all prisoners have been sent to another jail for security reasons. However, Aman comes just then and assures Bhabho that he finds nothing wrong in Shweta dancing. Shweta is about to leave home phete Bhabho informs her that she is not Nahar and Saloni’s daughter! Meanwhile, Shweta and Sawri go shopping for the wedding with Aman and his family.

The family wants to apologise to Saloni and bring her back home but Gurumaa refuses to let them know where she is. Daat, she is shocked to see that he has slit his wrist! Everyone is happy when Shweta finally agrees.


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You’ve exceeded the maximum tag limit 64 friends max in this photo. Rajveer and Daksh’s paternal aunt comes and is pleased to see that Rajveer has chosen a beautiful bride for himself. They tell her that they know the truth and will inform Bhabho but Sawri begs them not to because Shweta’s condition could worsen.

Who will rescue Shweta this time? Aditya then says that seeing Shweta in pain makes him happy! Sawri writes a letter to Saloni seeking strength to tread on the path that she has chosen.

Saat Phere – Episodes She apologises to Saloni, her in-laws and Samar. Ambica informs him that Sawri had met her with Daksh the previous day and was inquiring about Saloni. Pooja then narrates her travails. On the other hand, Daksh asks Rajveer to support Shweta because he knows he still loves her. Tara is annoyed and walks away. Once they return, Bhabho tells Aman’s father that they want to go ahead with the marriage and don’t have to seek Shweta’s opinion.

A furious Bhabho then slaps Sawri!

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Narpat and his family too arrive just then. Meanwhile, Daksh tells Rajveer that he has intentionally left the car keys and hopes that someone special comes to return it.

A while later Saloni is overwhelmed to see her entire family. However, when Sawri requests Bhabho to rethink her decision, Bhabho retorts that everything is being done for Shweta’s good. Kamini comes just then. On the other hand, the boy’s family are happy to see Shweta. The next day, Daksh comes to Bhabho’s house to invite everyone for lunch as his aunt has accepted Shweta and Rajveer’s match. However, Sawri sees Aman fleeing and mentions about it to Kamini, but she rubbishes it.


Meanwhile, Sawri informs Shweta that she’s aware of her mother being alive, and that she is Rajveer’s aunt as well. Just then, Gurumaa walks in with Amrit, and Bhabho asks Saloni and Amrit to give the daughters away in marriage.

He promises to always remain her saviour.

Aman’s uncle tries to touch Sawri but she is repulsed. Ambica gives her the same pendant that she’d given Saloni on her 18th birthday. Later, Bhabho tells Brijesh that she quite likes Rajveer, so Shweta is pleased.

She asserts that she will live eposode the way she wants to, spisode asks Sawri to support her. Daksh’s aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in spite of her dark complexion, and imparting the same values to her daughter!

She feigns sympathy and instigates her against Bhabho and others. Bhabho thanks Rajveer for saving Shweta’s life and invites him and his brother home.

Bhabho tells her family that she wonders if she has been harsh on Shweta, so Tara and Brijesh assure her that she has not.