Like wielding a power enough destructive to pulverize a star or to reach the speed of light, being able to shoot billions of hits per second, reaching Absolute Zero, etc We will see when all these characters will move in a trailer Sasha cuts off her hair but apparently, the offering allows Hades to seal the power of the goddess. G’ s main character. In my opinion, Shiori wait the end and Sasha will do something when she received her cloth like Saori, too bad Shion sux big time. I hope next chapter will be better. In my opinion, epics battles were Albafica’s fight, Aldebaran’s fight, Manigoldo’s fight and Kardia’s fight well Shiori make Kardia’s death ridiculous now..

I mean, he had never shown that much destructive power. Cosmos is heavily driven by emotions, so it happens that a great willpower or a desperate situation could allow a human being to greatly surpass his usual limits, although without the right awareness, this happens to be a brief power up caused by the moment of particular involvement so being aware and awakened to the 7th sense is not a definite level of power, because the rule: Chapter with traduction: Yeah Lost Canvas and Next Dimension don’t share the same story it seems. Using all their cosmo and burning his cosmo to the limit Reaching the Supreme 7th sense. Well it’s not bad too And Pharaoh was a lame character In Lost Canvas, some characters have the same design with Shiori style and same nature

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The source of this power is the darkness in the universe and the source of darkness is the God of Darkness Abzu. And I wonder if these weapons permits Dokho to be stronger Powers granted by this knowledge are absolutely infinite, but only higher Dpisode are fully aware of this power, while minor Gods, although being hundred times stronger than even the strongest human warriors, are far from the absolute and unlimited power.


Rhadamanthys One of the three judges of the Underworld stated that Papillon Myu can defeat all the Gold Saints due to his demonic powers and evolutions. Dohko seems very old!

G gaidden the spirit of the original series, successfully portraying the emotions present in battles between warriors who can respect their opponents and admire their willingness to give their lives for what they believe is right. Well, I prefer Albafica and Manigoldo of course. Every gold saint rocks so far Or that they did not intended to kill him at first. These characters could do something good No you don’t offend me, I hate the Shion from Lost Canvas, he’s so boring!

He tease, joke, well he’s the real classic hero. I love the design, but I hate the character.

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By using this site, you agree to the Galden of Use and Privacy Policy. It would be nice that what he does connects as to why Saga, in the modern era, is evil. There is a new image about the anime: Their micros cosmo can become a huge universe. G manga published up to that date.

She has a mask! There are something like that in Samurai code no? I hope Deuteroxx will be like that In Lost Canvas, some characters have the same design with Shiori style and same nature And the worst of Lost Canvas are dialogues which are pitiable in my opinion.

Throughout these aiolos-ehn, the primordial god Seiuawho first released the Titans from their imprisonment in Tartarus and initially claimed that he wished to help Kronos, [5] reveals his true intentions, stating that he only revived the Titans as part of a larger plan and has been playing them in order to awaken his true mistress, Gaia.

Gold Saints Durability First of all, keep in mind the durability of the Gold Saints even without-any-protections is great. About Caron and Sekya, lol very funny: We saw her back, and there are no focus on her boobs: And what pretty much every of their opponent didwas underestimate the amount of love if you can call that love Athena had for her bronze saint.


But why only the chest? It would be better if they had turns.

WTF Caron, he’s so ugly: The God Cloth kinda threw me off a bit in Lost Canvas seeing as how we don’t see the Pegasus clot recieve a god’s blood, but it’s also established that the Pegasus saint was always the most formidable foe, always damaging Hades so maybe Tenma is a special case.

She makes some good girl character like Yuzuriha or Violate Well Well you can say Violate was strong, but she aioos-hen against the genius: I would prefer to have not that connection between Pegasus saint and Hades at the begining, it kills the show in my opinion.

Shion is part of the show! I just ended two sentences with here D Well justavisitor the thing is that if you read the original saint seiya manga series you would know Ares Shion and Libra Dokko were stated to be the only surviviors of the previous holy war aka the one going on in Lost Canvas so ya it kinda sucks knowing that more than half these characters might die unless the author had a good change of heart I know that lol, but I was expecting more of: I honestly think this is one of the most impressive stamina feats I’ve ever heard in fiction.

Hades seems adult, and Sasha is beautiful: