Vidyachatur is calling the DCP to find about Kumud. They see Kusum worried and ask her do you have to go anywhere, why are you looking out, is anyone coming. Danny sees someone like Kumud and shouts Kumud ji….. The girl disappears again. Saras says Danny you take Kusum to mandir. Saras scolds her and she says I m going. Saras says no, she asked us not to find her, she will come herself. He says trust me, I will bring her, you have food.

Kusum is relieved as everyone believed her fake story. Saras says I think we should end this now, we will talk to Kumud once, but her phone is unreachable now. Saras asks Danny did you see Kumud as she is not in the room. Saras and Danny look at her. Saras says no questions, sit. Danny and Saras see someone like Kumud and go after her calling out Kumud. Kusum initially angry at Danny slowly starts liking him and regrets her mistake for having feelings for Saras.

However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Kalika says only I understand whats in your heart, tell me the truth about the fire. Jodha Akbar 29th November Written Episode Scene 1 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who Badimaa asks did she call.


Veera Ek Veer ki Ardaas – Veera is asked to leave SLB productions Sphere Origins Danny and Saras see someone like Kumud and go after her calling out Kumud. Saras hears some noise and looks out. Kusum closes the door. Everyone ask Saras what he did that Badimaa agreed with him. Vidyachatur says did you meet her, how is she. She gets the number switched off and thinks to note down the number and call from her phone. Danny says come, else Saras will think you are just acting.

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Vidyachatur says is this the news to talk about bad things. Kusum thinks about it.

Will Zain save Aaliya’s life on engagem Kalika hears this and thinks with whom is Saras talking so sweetly as Kumud is missing. Saraswatichandra – After Engagement,Saras and Kumu Upon learning why Saras refused to marry her, Kumud forgives him and asks him to leave her house as she cannot see his constant humiliations from Pramad.

She says I have to go weitten mandir and pray for Didi.


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Notification Settings X Time Settings. He sees Kumud crying and sees her hand burnt and asks tell me.

He also discovers love with a bubbly girl from Mumbai named Anushka Srishty Rode. Saras says I have it.


He says Kusum, I will manage myself. Retrieved 19 March Kalika comes inside the house.

Kalika tries to find out with whom epiosde Saras and Dada ji talking. She says I m going to find Didi. He says I knew you wrote this letter.

Saras sees Kalika and coughs signing Dada ji to end the call. Kusum says I m here, I m fine. He stops the jnuary and says tell me where we have to go. Danny says yes, she was saying in the morning, that she wanted to do puja for Kumud. Alak, Pramad’s sister finds Saras and brings him to her family mansion.