Meanwhile, Daesung flirts with Yoona as they harvest vegetables on the field, only to be interrupted by a stray dog. In the morning, the wake-up mission involves performing a sit-up to avoid a pillow of flour falling on each other’s face. Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to go abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk. Although only Jongkook succeeds, he is assigned breakfast duty with Jungmin and Sooro while the other members return to bed. Samsaeng Village, Hongcheon , Gangwon. Wae Ahm Village, Chungcheong.

Returning home, the Family cook dinner, as Yejin demonstrates her “savage” eyeball-popping fish preparation ways, contrasting against Jaesuk’s cowardice. Jeongokri Village, Hwaseong , Gyeonggi. The episode ends with the homeowners being welcomed home. Episode 29 returns to Jang Hyuk’s guest appearance, with the Family begrudgingly waking before sunset to welcome the new year, , with their resolutions and expectations on the beach as the sun rises. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home. After catching a few fish in the local pond, Jaesuk is oppressed to perform menial labor as the youngest of the trio.

After brunch, the Family head off to pick persimmons in the field, engaging in a verbal game of puns centered on the Korean word for seazon, before forming teams to play a game of racing up a hill of hay. While the turkey cooks, Hyuk is teased for his attempts at humor, with Hyori mischievously spreading mud on the faces of Jongkook and Hyuk.

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After eating, the Family greet Hyori’s mother and sister, who happen to be in town, then finish preparing the rice cake soup for the village elders. After eating, the Family feed the cattle and take a break to play a game of team “musical chairs” with a large haystack, featuring Taehyun’s biting foul play and Jongshin’s backwards underpants.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The morning wake-up mission calls for the members to spread their legs 004 touch a bottle of water.


outign Meanwhile, the other members build a straw thatch-roof as part of their assignments. Returning to the deason, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, ouhing Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Faily quick hands and precision technique for the capture.

Dinner preparations feature 1 “Dumb and Dumber” having difficulty deciding on how many pumpkin leaves to pick, 2 Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Hyesung attempting to properly season the soup, and 3 Chunhee being bossed around and nagged by the tandem of Hyori and Yejin. Sung-hoon with much ramily from Yejin helps in preparing the fish and shows an adorable side of self by becoming scared of the process. With the first assigned task complete, the Family play their first game, “Catch the Tail”, featuring Taehyun becoming easily exhausted and a game of the “worsts” as Chunhee-Jongshin battle Jaesuk-Taehyun with much foul play.

Finally, the Family complete their last assigned task of planting garlic in the farm fields before welcoming the return of the homeowners. Surak Village, Sinan-gunSouth Jeolla. The members interrogate each other with personal questions to allow the audience to familiarize itself with the Family. After gathering sea snails from the beach, Hyori and Seungwon prepare breakfast while Jongkook is assigned helper duty.

With the men fawning over Dambi, Hyori makes wisecracks at Dambi’s expense at every opportunity, only to have the men come to her defense with praise, song and dance. During the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee makes a surprise appearance and is mobbed by Sooro.

Bibongneh Village, SacheonSouth Gyeongsang. The seasin of Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin are charged with gathering soondae sausage nssd, but mischievously head to a local restaurant to eat rice cakes and other snacks before delighting themselves at a local karaoke, fervently singing and dancing along to songs from Jongshin, TurboDambi, and SNSD. Views Read Edit View history. In the morning, the wake-up mission involves using one’s head to break a gourd that is launched by a seesaw. After the game, the Family find nary a fish despite their bean paste and rice bait trap.

The last episode of Season 1, all members of Season 1 returned for the “Family Awards”, an awards ceremony where members of the Family receive awards for their achievements in the program. After eating, the Family learn the U-Go-Girl dance from Hyori as part of the morning exercise before heading off to pick peaches. Highlights include inept physical performances from Jaesuk and Jongshin leading to their trademark sad outung music.


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Following breakfast, the Family herd the goats out to graze, giving the Family the seasno to play a potato fertilizer sack race game, where foul play and Chunhee’s clumsiness are in full display.

Returning home, the Family cook dinner, as Yejin demonstrates her “savage” eyeball-popping fish preparation ways, contrasting against Jaesuk’s cowardice.

During dinner preparations, Taeyeon and Chunhee pick pine needles, with Chunhee showing off his ballet moves and crying ability. Meanwhile, Daesung flirts with Yoona as they harvest vegetables on the field, only to otuing interrupted by a stray dog. Bangchon Village, South Jeolla. During cooking, Wonhee secretly seasons the stew with canned meat while Jaesuk and Daesung are distracted by the World Baseball Classic game. Along with the assigned tasks, they play games and prepare dinner and breakfast for themselves.

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In the morning, Jaesuk moderates the trivia question wake-up mission with broken glasses, with Daesung and Jaesuk held responsible for breakfast duty. The Family then play a game competing to build the larger hay stack, followed by a game of dressing up one member as the funniest looking scarecrow. During stew preparations, Taehyun calls his wife for assistance, only to find their recipe is grossly mistakened, but eventually conjure up a servicable breakfast menu.

Retrieved 1 September Highlights include the Family teasing Yejin’s attempts to hide facial bloating with sunglasses and Jaesuk jokingly referring to Daesung as Kim Jong-kook.